Vandersteen Treo vs 3A Sig as upgrade

I had my local dealer hook up a pair of Treos to demo them and left with a very mixed impression. I like the overall sound. They have a smoother, more refined and sophisticated midrange that the 3A Sigs can't match. I want that. But the bass was less defined and the top end was bright. The sibilance was very exaggerated - this was with CD. Is this the character of the Treo? Thanks!
Wlutke, I have said many times that you can't understand where someone is coming from just by the writer word.  I have said that we will respectfully disagree on the Treo being able to rock. I've always said the 3a's move more air and goes lower, but to ME I've said that doesn't mean it rocks better so no, this isn't pride, it's my opinion.  You make accusations towards me that I am undermining any and all opinions of the Vandersteens that aren't my opinion. Ummm, ok.  Whatever you want to think, that's fine.  

I have not said that anyone can't evaluate their speakers or other's speakers at all.  I have just said that the Treo is a more evolved speaker and it better be for the price difference.  That comes directly from the person who invented the speaker as well as others in this thread who have heard the speaker.  The fact that you and some others like the 3a's better doesn't bother me as you think it does.  As I've stated, I honestly am happy for you and others.  

Just because folks don't post, doesn't mean they aren't there.  That goes for any thread on any type of board.  Sports boards, audio, MS support boards etc... I'm on a lot of these boards and it's actually a minority that post in most cases.  I don't know the numbers here.  As for sales, those are real folks who made the decision to purchase one over the other at an 8-1 clip.  Does that mean we are better?  Not in the least, but many of us listen to rock and love it.  Do I want the Treo to move more air?  Sure, but I also can move plenty for my room by turning up the volume.  I don't listen as loudly as many of you do I guess, but be honest, there isn't just one person who feels the way that I do, but that doesn't matter either.  Audio is so personal and we all listen differently and like different things.  

I hope that I haven't really upset you in this thread, as your written word comes off that way.  The real take away is that we both love Vandersteens and even if one of us didn't, that would be cool too.  I have plenty of friends who own Wilsons and I really don't.  I never have and I've never understood why folks are so crazy about them.  We always have great discussions about audio and sound. We respect each other and I understand where he's coming from and he gets where I come from.  Spirited debates and they are fun, but we will never agree as we listen differently.  As I've said, if we were at Johnny's or a bar over a beer and having this conversation, it wouldn't play out the way it has in this thread.  I also don't think you'd dislike me after it either, but if you did, that would be fine too.  It's all good that we love our systems and you can ask Johnny who knows me very well as to others on the board, I'm not an elitist by any means and I'm also not a jerk....well most of the time. :)
wlutke- I agree with you, I like my 3A Sig's but after reading what hifiman wrote I will look into the Treo's and Quatros. My other thought was if the sound of those don't tickle my fancy then I would look into the original 5's. I'm thinking it would be keeping with the original Vandersteen sound but give me more of the lower end my 22' X 33' room deserves. By original Vandersteen sound I'm talking about the number speakers not the worded speakers.
Right now I'm working on multiple subs (currently have 3 each 2Wq's) similar to the Swarm set-up just using Vandersteen subs. After that will move up from there, where ever up is from there.
I also need to get my system updated as hifiman made me realize I haven't been keeping it updated.
@ig316b I just looked at your virtual system.  You have a very well thought-out rig with high quality gear.  Seeing your system, if you do decide to move to the Treo CT, with Three! 2wq in your expansive space, you will be able to realize the high level of sophisticated sound that your gear is capable of. slam whatsoever on the 3A Sigs. it's just that once you hear what the more advanced drivers and crossover of the Treo CT deliver, you will be joyous at hearing the rest of your quality system for the first time.
All the best!

It's also good to see folks using the Vandersteen woofers with the Vandy speakers.  They are designed to work together.  Personally, I'd get the Treo or Treo CT's and use the woofers you have.  You will move a lot of air and have better sound.  The CT's are the way to go if you can afford them.  They would sound better than the original 5's.  Keep us posted.