Vandersteen Treo at RMAF

Anyone who heard the new Vandersteen Treo's at the show,what's your impression of their sonics.How would you say they compare to model 3A Signatures.
I would also be interested in hearing about the differences between the Treo and the 3a Sigs. I own the 3A Sigs and find them to be very fine speakers. In what ways do the Treos fit between the 3A Sigs and the Quatros? Are the drivers better? Does the design of the cabinet make for better sound? When will they be available for audition at Vandersteen dealers? Is the 3A Sig being discontinued?
I heard the Treos at RMAF and thought they sounded good but am hesitant to say anything else based on a brief audition in an unfamiliar room with unfamiliar electronics. I will say that, IMO, they might be the best looking Vandersteen yet, certainly far more attractive than the 2 or 3s. SQ-wise, I would trade up from my Sig IIs as they seemed a bit more resolved and transparent without any notable difference in bass extension.
Tonyjack, you should pose your questions on the Vandersteen website. Here’s what I know (which may include wrong information): The drivers are the same as the Quatro except that the powered bass section is replaced by a single 8” driver (“acoustic coupler” to use Vandersteen’s word). So, the tweeter is a smidge better than the 3A. The mid-range driver is a bit improved over the 3A (tho’ current production 3As share this driver). Bass is handled by the same 6.5” as in the Quatro.
To me, the Treo is a different line of speaker rather than a spot between the 3A and Quatro. Sonically, they should be more similar than different. The Treo perhaps a bit more transparent and resolved but at the cost of lesser bass extension. The Treo certainly will look a lot better in your living room! But the 3A will continue to offer more sonic bang for the buck.
I had a chance to listen at the show and my only comment is, spend some time with these before you spend 6K.
The Treos sounded pretty good at RMAF. They had the signature Vandersteen sound. Coherent, musical, clean, dynamic and non-harsh...

On the other hand, they always seem to Demo Vandersteens with records, so it is hard to tell how the Treos would sound with CD type source material. The $6k price is a little bit difficult to handle, at least for me.
They sounded pretty well. Not sure how they would compare with the 3s. If I recall, they were demoed with ARC electronics and a Bryston front end.