Vandersteen subs 2wq vs the rest

Why? Why is it that most audio heads say that the vande subs are the most musical. Can't there be a sub made by another company that hooks to my Casablanca sub out (not that goofy speaker wire way of the vandes) and sound and yes blend as well as the so called hollyvandesub. We do live in a high technology time and I have to beleive that someone has done this with a large modern sub.

Suggestions? Revel? M&K 350?
P.S. non servo prefered.

My system: Theta Casablanca, Jm lab 946, Aragon amps, Large music/theaterroom open ended so I need 2 subs (big?)
With the wide varity of high quality crossovers, and slopes available in your Theta C/B, how about a passive sub, like the Revel Sub15, and a high power, external amp.

I like the fact that the crossover, and amp are not inside the SUB encloser, and will not be effected by heat, vibrations, or magnitic fields. You would also have a hard time convincing me that that plate amp screwed to the back of most intergrated subs will match a Big Bryston, Krell KSA300, or similar type external amp.

I have a SUB15 that will be powered by my Phase Linear 700b (350 watts at 8ohm). The SUB ran me $1000 here on A/gon, and the amp cost me $412 including shipping on Ebay. Not bad for a little over $1400.

On the musical thing, if your ceiling is between 7 and 9 feet, your resonate frequency mode for that distance will be between 60hz and 80hz, and their first harmonics will be between 120hz and 160hz, sounds a little muddy in the mid and upper bass??? Yet you will blame the "SUB" for being amusical and slow sounding.

The Vandy's system seem to control the rolling off of the main speakers while at the same time controling the boosting of the Sub's signal. I'm sure many on this site can help cover this point.

Just remember there are 3 types of lies... Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics.

HTH Dave
"Can't there be a sub made by another company that hooks to my Casablanca sub out (not that goofy speaker wire way of the vandes)".

It was pointed out to me by Audio Physics' designer (and I have found it to be true) that the use of the "goofy" speaker level inputs on a sub can help it to blend better, because your bass will tend to sound more like your amplifier does, and thus, more like the rest of your system.
the blend is correct...i have owned all types of subs and i now own the vandy...and with the crossover out of the amp ....goooofffyyyy or not......richard vandersteen as always been one of the very best speaker builders in the the vandy rolls off smoother....blends and doesn't have harsh what bass is suppose to do all other infomation and not overwhelm it...
I think Richard designs a subwoofer intended for hometheater that takes a line-level subout. Check his site.
Pubul57 is correct. Its the V2W. And Dwhitt is correct. The blend is so good with a fixed filter that you have to unplug the 2W is tell its working. At least I did.