comment's on their performance,i've been told their great for video,any one used them for 2 channel audio?i'am also considering the GENESIS G-928,my specific purpose will be mainly video,but from time to time i would like to use it in my 2 channel system.THANK"S in advance for your comment's.
There is a model 2Wq that is optimized for 2 channel. I am not sure how they differ otherwise. I think the 2Wq has a contour control to help integrate the sub with the room and the main speakers for 2 Channel. Check their website for more information on both. They have Adobe PDF files of the manuals and brochures.
There are two differences between the V2W and the 2W-Q subs. First, the V2W accepts either line input or LFE input directly from the pre/pro, whereas the 2W-Q is connected via cables from the power amp that have a built-in crossover (or contour control). Hence, the V2W is made specifically for use in a HT system. The second difference between the two subs is that the V2W also has a 12" passive radiator in addition to the 3x8" drivers. The passive radiator provides about 3db more output than the 2W-Q. "Widescreen Review" magazine recently published an edition which contained reviews from the past 3 years of subwoofers, and both of the Vandy subs got very high ratings (5 being the highest rating). Both subs got virtually all 5's in every rating category, with one or two exceptions: the 2W-Q got a "5" in musicality and musical integration with the main speakers, while the V2W got a 4.5. Conversely, the V2W got 5's in subjective deep bass, versus 4.5 for the 2W-Q. The reviewer who wrote the reviews for the Vandy subs said that he thinks they are the most musical he has ever heard -- he owns 4 of them. There were only a couple of subs that got equal or higher ratings -- such as the Linn Isobarik -- but they all cost 2-3 times the price of the Vandy's. All in all, both of the Vandy subs are excellent performers and another example of the value that Richard Vandersteen builds into his products.