Vandersteen Question

How big of a difference is there between the 2ce & the 2ce Signature? I've got 2ce's now and was wondering if it was worth the step up. Vandersteen does not upgrade the 2 series, so I'd have to buy a pair of the Sigs.
Having owned several versions of the 2C series, and then upgrading to 3A's and then 3A Sig's, I didn't find that the upgrade from 2Ce to 2Ce Signature yielded much improvement. If you are looking for a real upgrade, make the jump to the 3A's (and at some point have them upgraded to the Signature version).
That's an idea. Athough, I don't know if my space is big enough.
The 2Ce Signature is a step up from the 2Ce (especially if is an older 2Ce that used the 3/4" tweeter instead of the 1" model) It is more open through the mids.
I agree with Scott that the step up to the 3A Signature is a pretty big jump from the 2Ce or the 2Ce Sig.)
The footprint of the 3A Sig is about the same as the 2Ce. It is about 10" taller. I feel that if the 2Ce worked in your room then the 3A Sig will also. However, the 3A Sig is more revealing of sources and electronics. Make sure you're in good shape there. Otherwise, you may not hear the real differences.
The Signature upgrade is pretty darn significant providing greater transparency and increased response top to bottom. I don't agree that "the don't yield much improvement". I do agree the 3A Signature is substantially better. I'm going to have to save for the 3's. I was happy thinking they were too big for my space. Ignorance is bliss.

Thanks for the help.

YMMV....I've listened to the 2ce's, the 2ce signatures, and the 3's. I bought the 2ce signature - for my $ they sounded the most uncoloured of all 3 - all you get is music.
What kind of differences did you notice between the 2ce & the 2ce Sigs? What is the rest of your system?
I own both the 2ce sig and 3A sig. A lot of people want to focus on the room on deciding between these two. I would focus on your electronics. The 3A sig will reward the best electronics you can use. Top end stuff on the 2ce sigs will sound nice but really won't reach their full potential. I know this from my own experience. I was using a preamp/amp combo that cost almost three times what the 2ce sigs cost and was very pleased until I went to the 3A sigs and found out what I was missing. The 2ce sig are now in another system with a very nice integrated (but not in the same league as my preamp/amp combo) and they sound about the same as they did with the better electronics. I prefer the 2ce sigs with that integrated over the 3A sigs - the 3A sigs are just too revealing and demanding for that level of electronics. I don't know what the rest of your system is but I would take an objective look at your electronics before purchasing the 3A sigs.
My source is a TRL Modded Sony 900. It's the best digital I've ever heard. Pre is a TAD 150 (tube), amp is a McCormack DNA 1, hopefully to be modded by SMC Audio in the not too distant future. I also have a Behringer DEQ. Interconnects & speaker cables are the upper-end Usher, various Ps Audio & Signal power cables.
Ecruz, I owned a TRL modded SA-8260 for a while and a McCormack DNA1 (a little scary to think about the equipment I've gone through over the years) but have no experience with the TAD 150. Based on what I said earlier please don't take this the wrong way because you certainly have a very nice system - the TRL mod is huge bang for the buck - but IMHO the 2ce sigs would be the best match. The 3A sigs would be fine too but may not provide that much better performance over the 2ce sigs in your system.
No offense taken. It's nice to hear that the cheaper option may be the better option.

Did you ever compare the 2ce with the 2ce Sigs? I'm trying to figure out if that's a worthwile upgrade.
I have not heard the 2ce so can't comment directly.