Vandersteen Quattros - Top Wooden Shelf DEFECT?

I am a new owner of a pair of Vandersteen Quattros. I just noticed 3 months into ownership that the top wooden shelves are sliding loose quite easily. Are other owners noticing the same thing? Is that a DEFECT or part of their DESIGN.


why not call the manufacturer?
Never herd of that issue Vandersteen stands behind his stuff, I'm sure your dealer will warntee them.

I wonder if he bought them new from a dealer or is he just the new owner of them. Ouch!
The tops do slide off for easy replacement. There is nothing wrong with your pair. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
Yes tops do come off so unless they are flapping around its hard to tell if this is normal, my dad has the Wood signature Quatro, if this happens to his there is a BIG problem lol.
Call Richard and he will tell you how to fix it real easy.
Remove the top by sliding it. You will see the screw(s). The screw provides sliding/tracking and hold down function. Take a screwdriver and tighten the screw just a bit (maybe 1 or two full turns in clockwise direction). This should prevent the top from sliding to easily. If needed loosen or tighten the screw until you get the perfect fit.

It is not a big deal - really.
......and yes, it is a part of the design - but it should be a tight fit.
The tops slide towards the front of the speaker but away.

Bad scenario -
they might have been damage in shipment. Inspect the tops' bottom side and top of the speakers ( mounting bracket for the top piece ).

Hope you get that resolved.

The Top wooden panels are easy to adjust
1st tap the wood with your hand from the back toward the front of speaker.
when it comes all forward pull it off and you will see an adjustment screw on top of the speaker.
snug screw so the top fits as tight as you wish
Hope this helps