vandersteen quattro versus gallo 3.5

I listened to the quattro and liked it. If anyone has heard both the quattro and the 3.5 would you please comment? Are they in the same league?

I would be using 70 watt tube amps. I listen mostly to rock and I like it loud.
The Vandy has the powered woofer and its "room adjustment" feature. It's capable of deep, powerful, tight (highly damped) bass response, coupled to Vandy's basically neutral, if (in the case of the powered speakers, very) slightly soft presentation thru the rest of the range. Overall, I like it a lot.

The Gallo is a different kind of animal as it's tweeter is virtually omindirectional. If you "co-drive" it's woofer with a dedicated amp, the bass character of these 2 speakers might converge a bit (haven't heard a direct A-B, so I'm speculating), but that near-omni tweeter will still set the Gallo apart.

IMHO, this one is more apples and oranges - a case can be made for either. Even more than usual, personal taste will dictate your choice.

Good Luck

The Vandersteen Quatro is phase and time aligned and features
a neat Battery Bias high passed which is in my opinion
the best way to let a tube amp excel and recover.
It not only lowers distortion improving dynamics clarity transparency but also increases tube life. The feed forward design is an innovative idea that allows the Main amps personalty into the bass amp for a seamless transition.
Add to that the In room bass compensation and the electronics you currently own being voiced with Vandersteens.
Best Johnnyr