Vandersteen Quattro

Anybody heard about status? Reason for delay in reaching dealers? How about anyone who had a chance to hear prototypes at shows? Just curious.
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I don't know the reason for the delay, but I did hear them at CES. It's been a long time since then, but they did have the typical Vandersteen smoothness and sound. I actually didn't care for how they look too much, but that's a minor complaint.

Richard did say that he offered them for people interested in a mix of the 3A's and 2Wq's but didn't have the space for both together. He also hinted that the separate speakers might actually sound better, although the Quatro does have the adaptive bass control thing.

Anyway, very good speaker for the price, imo. I just wish it would be released so I could actually listen to it again.
Remember a couple of years ago Richard demoed a mini monitor which looked like the top section of the Model 5 with a down firing woofer? He never release it. I hope the Quattro will have better luck.