vandersteen quatros and high pass filter issues

I have been running the pair with a pre and power combination but Now would really like to use ONLY an integrated amp .... which only has RCA inputs 

The high pass filter M5 HPB that came with the speaker's are however balanced ( XLR both ends)

Grateful if some one can advise if i can connect the high pass filter from a CD player with XLR output and use a XLR to RCA adapter to connect to the integrated amp

**Read somewhere  that as along as the input to the high pass filter is balancer , then the output part is okay to be used via an adapter

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am really in need of assistance ... on these vandersteen quatros ... any suggestions appreciated ... 
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Johnny is the best. Take his advice.

There are converters for XLR to RCA available from Jensen.
You can contact Jensen and get their recommendations, as well.
 With RCA Hi Passes for Quatros
Make sure you run Track 27 off Vandertones
put voltmeter on AC Volts which is hooked up to plus / minus of amp
adjust volume to 1 V AC with Trk 27 1000 hz tone.
Next switch to Track 30 and make sure you read ,707 on the volt meter.
if not start above over with reaching 1 V / .707
adjust high pass dip switches until you reach .707
 Best JohnnyR
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fantastic help from a Vandersteen dealer Johhny R