Vandersteen Quatro v Magnepan 3.6

I own Quatros. I heard a pair of Magnepan 1.6s and I liked the sound. I did not hear the 3.6s so I ask: For music only, which sound better? I listen to jazz, rock, a little classical and a little of everything in between. I like a clean sound. I want to hear what is on the record or CD.

I also use the speakers for home theater. Which speakers will serve me better? I have a big sub for HT. Will I need subwoofers for music with Maggies?

Your responses are appreciated.
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FWIW, I had 3.6s. I have listened to V-4s but never had them at home.

For yr stated music prefs, probably V-4s. For HT, most probably V-4s.
Will I need subwoofers for music with Maggies
I assume so. I did.

What are V-4s, and where were they mentioned by the original poster?

The Quatro is a very neutral speaker with a great bottom end.
The 3.6 is a speaker a lot of folks like. I personally find it a little goosed in the midrange and adding a bit of sound that isn't really there. This deviation from neutral is what I think a lot of buyers find appealing.
However, if you sit 2 people side by side and listen to this speaker, each will get a different perspective because of the 2 panels. They only integrate in one area. This was the biggest drawback for me and I couldn't get past the back wall sound reflections in my room. I can see why a lot of folks like the speaker though.
The Vandersteen is much flatter in response and a little more dynamic. However, it does sound a hair dark *especially compared to the lively 3.6* and the soundstage perspective is back more from the front plain.
Let me sum it up this way, the Quatro is more of a tool for wanting a neutral and accurate sonic presentation (not always good) where the 3.6 is lively and appealing and with its little extra mids gives the illusion of more detail.
If you look at a frequency plot of the 2 speakers, this will be brought to light. Plus, the 3.6 does use a crossover for the 2 panels.
V(andersteen) 4 (Quattro)
The Maggie 1.6 is the easier to set up and power vs. the 3.6 which reveals more of the electronics behind the speakers and especially needs a clean high current and power amp. With the 3.6 bad recordings sound BAD. With the 1.6 bad recordings get noticed and are just not good.
I have a maggie 1.6 & Center system for HT. Nothing missing.
I do not use a sub for two channel. Most people just love the thump and not the low clean frequencies. There is not much really missing with the 1.6 properly set up.

You need to listen and judge for yourself but a complete Maggie all around ht with 1.6 may be better than the 3.6 alone for the fronts.
Thank you, Swamp -- and sorry Oz
Calling the Vandersten Quatro a model 4 may confuse people because there was actually a Model 4 Vandersteen made for a brief time years ago. That is why Richard decided not to use the number 4 and instead chose the name Quatro.
Thank you for your responses so far. Keep them coming.