Vandersteen Quatro speaker - link to info

Shortly after the CES, there were several posts here about Vandersteen's new speaker, the Quatro, which is positioned in the model lineup between the Model 5 and the 3A Signature. I don't know if anyone has posted a link to information about this speaker, but I noticed this evening that the Vandersteen web site now has a description of the new model. For those who are interested, here's the link to the Quatro page:

i just bought a pair of 3a sigs, while i was researching i noticed the quatro listing, so it has been there at least 2 months. my dealer said they were about $6400 and were due out late spring/summer. thanks for the heads up.

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I spoke to Vandersteen about them and he still preferes the 5s over the new quattros fi you can even find a used pair. I like the fact that you can drive the top end with a nice tube amp and be done with it. The dealers should be receiving them in about 30-60 days.

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I have spoken to Vandersteen on this as well. I asked for his advice about adding a pair of 2Wqs to my 3A sigs or just upgrading to the Quattro. He recommended sigs and the separte subs because you get the same mid and tweeter drivers plus the advantage of four drivers in the 2wqs.
The 2Wqs have three 8" drivers each.
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Just checked the link out just now, and what all I want to know now is:

(01). When is Richard Vandersteen going to start shipping them????

(02). How much are they going to cost????

(03). Are you thinking about getting a pair for yourself????

I'll be happy just to get my a pair of 2Ce's sometime in my lifetime. What do you think about the 2Ce??? I don't never hear you talk about them all that much. With the living quarters that I have now, they are my most favorite speaker in the whole line. Now, when I finally get bigger quarters, I'll start looking seriously at the 3A Signatures then.

1. Should be shipping to dealers this month (March 2004)
2. They will cost approximatley $6,500
Now hearing mid to late April.
I'm a bit upset this speaker seems to be nothing more than a scaled down (size) version of 3Asigs + 2wq's.

You lose two 8" base drivers and gain room correction. Sure its a compact package but I was honestly hoping this speaker would bridge the performance gap between 5's and 3Asigs+subs. A gap which I consider to be rather large. With Richard suggesting Bsal should just add subs to his 3Asigs this leads me to believe there is no performance increase with the Quatro outside of the compact package.

The jury is still out so who knows! I still want to hear them of course.
I was at CES and spoke with Richard. I came away with the understanding that the quatro is an attempt to reach a broader faction of audiophiles due to an increased WAF. It will not outperform 3A Sigs and 2WQ's, but has a purpose for the Vandersteen supporter who does not have an understanding wife :-) It looks real nice and can be used in smaller rooms due to its scaled down size. As for the sound, it has the 3A sig stamp!
The cabinet is a lot deeper on the quatro's, which would make me think that maybe there is more insulation for the back wave off the speakers to run through (vs the 3A sig).. which *might* give the quatro an advantage.
Then again, the quatro has two subwoofer drivers in the enclosure with the tweeter and midrange, so maybe that will cause more vibration in the cabinet itself.

I think the design is a very smart choice on the part of Vandersteen. It provides a two-box solution at the 6-7K price point for those who can't quite handle the 5/5A pricing. And WAF is nothing to sneeze at - it is a consideration for many (when the room is to be shared by spouse and/or family). It is a real solution that is a step up from 3A (deeper bass and more effciient use of main amplifier)without the "unsightly" addition of two big-bozes into the room. The audiophile without WAF is going to choose the 3A/2W solution and it sounds as if RV knows that. Can't wait to hear it.
Several years ago he was working on a stand model speaker,that never came out. Also read he threw these speakers together just before the show. He could use a speaker in between the 3A and the 5, but if it is just a glorified 3A there are much better speakers in that price range, but I wait an hear for myself ARF
It is my impression that Richard was slow in coming out with a 5/5A because he did not see an easy, cost-effective way to improve upon the 3A (he does not beleive you can just create a bigger box, add more drivers (bad in prinicple), charge more, and say it is improvment).

The 5 series (with essentially the same tweeter and midrange as the 3ASig)took a more sophisitcated approach. Internal Powere susbwoofer, and low bass equalization). This techncial improvment (rather than more drivers, bigger box)helps produce deeper bass and permits ideal placment for soundstaging, while contouring bass about to fit your room.

It seems to me, that as such, the Quattro is more than just a glorified 3ASig, but a significant step in providing the susbwoofer and bass shaping capabilites of the 5s in a smaller package. This, of course, does not mean that it will sound better than a 3A/2Wq combination - but it should add some of the powered subswoofer enhancement to the 3As on their own, but without having to add two large boxes to your lisenting environment - this is a good thing if that envirnment is also your living room and you don't live alone.

I'm looking forward to hearing the Quattros.
I wish Richard would just release a 2Wq with the bass shaping feature.