Vandersteen Quatro Signature with Vandy dual subs?

Is anyone going this route, after deciding on a single JL it has come to my attention this may be a better option.
Can owners or those who have heard the Quatro with dual Vandy 2 subs comment on experience and performance please?
Thanks Chad
Chad would you want to by pass the Quatro's subs?
no just add to them with extra energy.
Sounds like overkill to me,but hey,that's just my opinion.

I have Vandersteen Quatro's and a single JLf113 sub. For 2 channel music I use the the Quatro's without the JL. I do not feel that they need any additional base support in either extension or volume.

I use the JL for home theater. I bypass the rears at 80HZ, run the fronts full and send the LFE to the single JL. In my room, 16x24X9, 1 JL is sufficient.

Hope this helps
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Thanks all for the input.
Richard Vandersteen told me personally, that he likes additional subs - he says he uses 2,3, even 4 subs not for extra bass energy, but to even out the bass. He says that if used properly like that, it makes the mids and highs way better as well.
Ordered 2 so we shall see.