Vandersteen Quatro Power Cord

I was wondering if anyone has replaced the stock power cord that comes with the Vandersteen Quatros to power the subwoofers with some other dedicated power cord? If so, any benefits? Thanks
I've tried quite a few on my Vandersteen 5A's and the best results have been:

Cardas Golden Reference
JPS labs Power AC
FIM Gold and Silver (aka CRL- cable research lab)

I have to use a flat IEC so it can fit between the heat sinks. Not sure about how the Quarto heat sinks are but check it out before you buy.
I use an Oyeida 430 plug to the wall, connected with Acrolink, and then the best off the shelf pro plug that fits between the fins of my 5A's. The difference was jaw dropping. Every parameter was changed for the better. Richard says all those changes can be accomplished with the set up controls on the speaker, however, I like it this way....haven't tried the conrols method.