Vandersteen Quatro CT

This speaker has been available for several months and by some reports is quite special. Anyone have a chance to listen to one? Impressions compared to other Vandy speakers?

Ruf, I got the ceramic version as the CT's were JUST announced when I got mine. I love them and have been working on other parts of my system. Eventually I may or may not upgrade the speakers, but I don't miss that much. The CT's are more detailed, smoother, just all around better from what seems like the mid bass up. It's got a bit sweeter top end for sure. If you can swing the extra 1500 for the upgrade (I think that's what it is), it's well worth it. Deep down I wish I had made that choice. If I could do it over, I'd go that route right now! I've heard a few speaker brands recently that I like a ton that I never used to like. I just think that better technology equals better sound, but to me Thiel speakers still hurt my ears and I can't listen more than a few minutes. I have a lot of friends who say the same thing. I brought a friend who isn't an audiophile to listen to the 3's (the most current model) and he was ready to leave after two songs. HE heard just what I heard. We then went to my house and listened and he said that my speakers blew the Thiel's out of the water. Granted I was using Ayre electronics, but it was through a Music Hall DAC and the Thiels were using top of the line Krell stuff. I'd love to hear them all side by side.
Anyone hear the newest "CT" models at their fave dealer/retailer? If so, name your audio shop. Happy Listening!
Definitely John Rutan and the Crew at Audio Connection in Verona New Jersey. I've heard all of the latest "CT" models extensively there. They are great speakers and John knows how to set them up properly and can help anyone interested in the brand. He's been a Vandersteen dealer for years and has had Richard Vandersteen at Audio Connection for seminars on many occasions. No Audio Store like it anywhere and no one as passionate about audio and Vandersteen for that matter, anywhere IMHO!
I too have heard them all at Johnnys....Tonyjack is dead on! I've been to 5 other Vandy dealers and they were all good, but not great. I drove 3 hours to get to Johnny's. I do wish he was closer as it's tough for me to get down there, but they are awesome. Heck, I've already sent my cousin there to get a nice Rotel integrated, lol. They just get it! Plus he's always on the boards helping anyone for free. That's hard to find in any industry now days.
I'm sorry, I just can't stand it. The Thiel 3.7's hurt your ears? What was the set up? What was the amp? Preamp? front end? What does that even mean? They can sound bright, if attached to underpowered amps, or inferior front ends..Tell me how a pair of 2.4's would hurt your ears..
I've had Thiel speaker since 1983 and I've never '"hurt my ears" with them, unless maybe they were turned up too loud when I switched inputs.
I'm listening to a pair of CS5's right now, as a matter of fact, playing a Mapleshade CD through a Krell Evolution 222 preamp on a PS Audio Lambda transport and I don't think it gets much better than this..Oh yes, and I found some power: a CAL 600.2 Amplifer. 1200 wpc into 4 ohms.....Now if I turned this up to about 72, THAT would hurt my ears!