Vandersteen owners--How many use Bryston amps

What do you use for pre amps.I have 2ce's and Bryston 3BST W/AVAomega star SL pre amp. The sound is quite nice,although a bit grainy and fatiguiging on some CD's. I suspect a mismatch between my amp and pre amp. Have considered a Bryston BP20 pre amp or a B60 and 2BLP bi amped for a better match. Would appreciate any suggestions. I listen to classical and jazz in a room approx 18x20
I'm using a Bryston SP-1 pre/pro with my Bryston 4B-ST and 5B-ST amps and Vandersteen 3A Sig speakers. I listen primarily to classical and jazz, with some folk and bluegrass thrown in, and I think the equipment combination is excellent. The Bryston SP-1 and SP-1.7 pre/pros both use the circuitry from the BP-25, with the processor circuits needed for multi-channel HT sound.

In tweaking my system, I did find that the choice of interconnects is important. The Bryston gear is quite revealing of other components, which became even more noticeable when I added a pair of Vandy 2Wq subs. I eventually replaced the HomeGrownAudio Silver Lace interconnects I had been using with Alpha-Core Goertz TQ2 and was very pleased with the improvement in sound quality.

As a point of interest, one of the reviewers for TAS, Robert E. Greene, uses a Bryston BP-25 as his reference preamp. The BP-25 is also nominated for a Class 4 "Golden Ear" award in the December 2002 issue of TAS.
Consider upgrading the pre-amp to the fet-valve from van-alstine. Also check out the the isolation of the various front end components of your system-they can be causing problems that are heard. Look at the Mapleshade isolation system as a start-I recommend a pair of isoblocks under your cd player as a start. At 24 dollars its not a bad investment.
With upgraded PC's and good IC's, your system should sound very good!
What are you using for power cords and interconnects?

peter jasz
Thank you all for your interest and suggestions. My first inclination is to match the 3bstw/the bp20,but I am tempted by the ava fet-valve. A couple of questions for you Alonzak.Have you heard the omega star and,if so, could you describe the sonic differences between it and the fet-valve? Also I am interested in the rest of the equipment that you use w/ this pre amp.(just curious). Perhaps I should start with the ic's and power chord as suggested by you alliedtvandsound.I presently use Wireworld OasisIII from cd to pre and from pre to amp,Kimber 4vs bi wired speaker cables and stock power chord as provided by Bryston(exito 14awg).AVA chord is not detachable. My cd player is Rotel 955AX. Perhaps that needs upgrading? Any further sugestions that you people or anyone else has to help me smooth out a potentially good(inexpensive) system will be greatly appreciated. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!