Vandersteen model5a vrs Montanas

Any compared the Vandy 5a to any of the Montana speakers? Ive heard them, and liked them both. Do you think the 5a's are a little on the soft side. I like lot's of detail. Vandy's speaker's get good review's the only thing that keep's coming up is a lot of audiophiles say they could be a little laid back.I heard the Montana's and they sounded great (esp2) Thank's.
I had a pair of Vandersteen Fives for about 2 years before I upgraded to Montana. I have to disagree with the above post about Montana's not being accurate. In my system and my room the Montanas out performed the Vandersteen in just about every listening parameter.

I purchased both pairs of speakers new and from dealers. When I had problems with the Vandersteen's sound lets just say that Mr. Vandersteen was less than helpful. On the other hand Mr. Peter Noerbaek founder of Montana Speakers happen to be in town that weekend and he and my dealer delivered and set up the speakers in my listening room. Talk about customer service!

I believe that Vandersteens are quality speakers and speaker choices are highly individual with many variables such as room interaction and associated equipment but for my money Montanas was the better choice of the two.