Vandersteen Model 7s?

I saw on the Vandersteen tech web site that there is a model 7 to be introduced at the January CES. Any advanced information from fellow audiogoner's? From dealers? Anyone? Bueller? (sorry)-
There is a little info that came from a recent visit by Richard Vandersteen to Audio Connection in NJ over at AudioCircle:

Sure..this was discussed on another post. Cost is about 40,000 dollars. New drivers, crossover, amp and cabinet made of carbon fiber. I was told that the drivers are also carbon fiber on balsa wood cores. 5A's will have a partial upgrade with all new components except for the cabinet which gives about 80% of the 7's. Upgrades for the 5A's will only be given to original 5A purchasers.
So the 5A are 80% the size of the 7s? Any Idea how much the 7 would weigh?
I thought the 80% refered to the quality/experience and not the size.
Not size as the 7 is going to be between the 5A and the Quatro in size......he is talking 80% of the performance if a 5A gets a retro fit.
*Liter then 5A (new composite materials which cost a fortune)
*a bit smaller then 5A
*R.V claimes 50%-60% improvements over the 5As
*Yes, about 40K is just about right
*automobile finishes
*introduction - Las Vegas 2009 CES (his prototype pair in "Candy Apple Red")

..sorry about the unclear post... 80% of performance. My 5A's are Kawazinga wood...GORGEOUS... I even commissioned an artist for a group of paintings with the grain of the speakers as the background...I probably will just upgrade the 5A (will that be a 5B?)

What is Kawazinga wood? How about adding a picture to your system?

I have rotary cut ebony, which is extremely unusual and not available any longer. It is quite unusual and beautiful.

I wonder what the effect on sales of the 7 will be if only offered in high gloss paint colors.
Hi Zargon...Yes the ebony is beautiful. A friend had that and I was hard pressed to order the ebony or the Kawazinga. I am a violinist, and make my living with ebony all over my instrument which was an attractive idea...I love the deep red and black grain.... If you go on the Vandersteen site you can see what the grain of Kawazinga looks like...but it's WAY nicer than the picture just like the picture of the ebony doesn't do it justice. I'd be glad to post a picture of my system, but I don't know how to do it. Let me know if you can tell me...Thanks
I'm surprised that the wood vaneers won't be an option(if this is true). My 5As are gloss black which was my wife's idea because it fits in with the decor of our basement. Although I wouldn't have chosen it initially, I now really like it and she was right, it does fit in better. So I guess I can imagine black or shades of silver/grey but I'm not sure red, yellow, green or other colors would look right. Maybe the vaneers don't work well with the carbon fiber body? Only time will tell but I do think this is an exciting development. $40000 is a bit more than I'd want to spend now but the upgrade route is a possibility depending on the price and feedback. I'm guessing that to upgrade the 5A would require shipment to the factory. Does anyone have any idea if this is true or what the cost might be?
I had breakfast with Richard at RMAF, he showed me a cone made from the new material (he had a patent pending on it at the time). It was quite impressive- amazingly stiff and super light. He said that the first breakup on the woofer was at 18KHz if I recall right- simply amazing. I am really looking forward to seeing what this speaker is all about.
This all sounds very interesting. What is going on with the sub? Is it improved as well? I would also be even more excited if the 7s were more efficient than the 5As
Thanks Terry
It looks like the 7 would be the next logical step in what appears to be an amazing system you've assembled. Yours is one of the rare systems here in which all the pieces make sense to me(more than my own). My room is actually similar to yours although I didn't do the work myself. I say buy the 7s and let us know what you think. You're ideally set up to let us all know what these can do.
Sure...Let me jump on that :)
If it could happen for me it would be while, 2010 or so.

Maybe you can get the job done faster. At any rate it sounds like several months before anyone will take delivery.
Just attached pictures of my system to the systems posting
Tdaudio, have you tried the Aesthetix Atlas or mono blocks with Vandersteens? My dad loves his on the Wood Quatro and as I sure you know Richard consulted with Aesthetix on those amps and they have the filters built right in.
Having trouble accessing your pictures. Maybe they didn't get posted.