Vandersteen Model 5, 5A 5C Owners

I am interested in hearing from Vandersteen Model 5 Series Speaker Owners:

1) Have you had your speakers set-up with the analyzer program/test tones?

2) If so what improvements did you hear?

3) What amplifier(s) are you using with your model 5s?

4) Do you prefer tube amps or Solid State Amplifiers and why?

5)  Are you using the speaker spikes?  On carpet, floors, etc.

6)  What speaker cables are you using?  Bi-Wire or Jumpers?

7) What other speakers would you consider auditioning at this point if you wanted to change speakers?

Thanks and Happy Listening.


If you read the well written owners 
manual you wouldn’t need to ask
These questions .
best JohnnyR 
johnny - stop being so demanding... 

i have a theory -- some people can only type, but cannot read -- let's find out if it holds here... 😂😂😂😂
Johnny R - Thanks - but the owners manual does not answer any of my questions.  I want to know what others have done/tried and their opinion on the sound impact if any that they heard in their system.  The manual does not tell me what amplifiers they are using, if they are using speaker spikes, bi-wire cables, and what other speakers they would consider owning.

Happy Listening


@jjss49 - thanks for providing a link to the manual.  Looks like the same on I already have.

(((1) Have you had your speakers set-up with the analyzer program/test tones?)))

((((2) If so what improvements did you hear?)))
When doing in-room compensation and your amps input impedance are truly verified and performed correctly, also in the Manual the answer is obvious in clarity.
((((5) Are you using the speaker spikes? On carpet, floors, etc.)))) When you find the best speakers position, from your chair then do tilt back, leveled properly, spikes installed as the manual suggests it’s not that hard and most any decent amps gonna work ..Find a decent pair of affordable to you Bi-Wire the same gauge on treble and bass I use AQ set up correctly will make question 7 go away. Best JohnnyR
@audioconnection  Thanks again John.  I have done everything stated above.  I am looking for other owners opinions/experience.  I have AQ Robin Hood bi-wire cables in the system now.  Built Class A EL-34 tube mono blocks (awesome), my DHT DAC which you have heard, our custom built 6SN7 preamp using a Metronome transport that has a separate power supply.  To my ears, nothing can touch it but I am always looking to hear from other owners for their personal experiences.  For me hearing the Vandersteen model Sevens from the person that you know and sold the Sevens to, that is my speaker of choice if/when I would consider another level up.

Happy Listening.

hi Peter - no worries, i have been on this journey, and hearing your system is on my list should i be blessed w trip East in coming are always welcome to visit and listen my place.

sounds like you landed on fantastic speaker wires, congrats!!!!

i would also  recommend visiting Vandy owners forum on Vandy website, there are 5 series owners there w many years experience and system evolution.

i had 5a for years in two different rooms, running them on factory spikes and shoes on hardwood floors. Wires initially the set i loaned you in a shotgun biwire configuration ( you now have a vastly better wire, which i am considering for my TreoCT ). IC are AQ Wild Blue. I used the 7 Filters on factory feet but mass loaded to floor. I use Vandertones, the meter RV suggests, but i also have RTA and calibrated mike to work my room RT60 ( nearly textbook control room target ) with natural room treatments, furnishings, etc...

on amplifiers : i have run them with as few as 75 wpc ( ARC Ref75), the Mac202, Ayre VXR- regular and twenty , i have heard them many times w other amplification from VTL, ARC, Aesthetix, ....yes the like tubes and well executed low negative feedback SS.

while i now run 7’s and the Vandy 7 amps, i believe the 5 series to be an amazing speaker. Richard is tireless at improving, the Quattro and up are lovely as well.

enjoy the music