Vandersteen Model 1 or Focal 726

I have Vandersteens model 1s.  They are in great condition inside and out and I'm fairly happy with them.  Due to my new stereo fever I am considering purchasing Focal Chorus 726 speakers but I'm not anxious to spend $2000 if there is not much difference in sound quality.  If that is the case, I'd stay with the Vandys.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Doug
If you like the tonal balance of the Vandy's ..... I would spend that $2k upgrading to the 2ce signatures.
If you are searching out something 'brighter' with thinner midrange... then Focals will do.

This is an opinion based on my preferences.
Or add a Vandersteen sub ( 2wq) and experience true full range performance!!!

If that's not the current version of the Model 1 and you like them then an upgrade to current would be my first thought and look for a used sub.  Next step would be used 2CE Sigs as Focal and Vandersteen have nothing in common sound wise.  
You can get a pair of used Vandersteen 2CE sigs for under 2K.  If you like the Vandersteen sound, that is what I would do. 
Great advice, thanks guys
might be able to even squeak in the 3A sigs for under 2K
but, I like Tomic601's suggestion of getting a 2wq sub first. Could get for around $600 used and make one hell of a difference
Another + for all the above suggestions that advise sticking with some model of Vandersteen. 
+3 for adding a sub (or 2).
You'll be getting even better bass than a 3.
And, you will retain the small footprint of the 1's and have the ability to move the subs to where they can fit/work best.

While I get the sub thing.... I run a pair. The midrange/ tweeter/ x-over in the 2ce Sig II will be 10x better than the Model 1... and, they will fill a moderate size room with plenty of bass.

We don't sell either. 

Here is our take on the two:

Vandy's smoth recessed top end, warm midrange, slightly underdamped bass response. Very musical, a bit recessed on the top big soundstage not great image placement.

Focals: More detailed top end, a bit more forward in the midrange, big bass response that tends to be a tad exegerated.

Take away, if you love the sound of the Vandy upgrade to the 2CE which carrys the same traits but bigger soundstage, more bass and a cleaner midrange.

If you are craving a more exciting more lit up presentation try the Focals. 

Best bet is to hear both and make up your mind that way

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
+1 for Audiotroy.