Vandersteen model 1 and 2 history

I am looking into buying some Vandersteens. What years were each model made? I couldn't find the information on google or the Vandersteen site. I'm interested in the model 1,1B,1C, and model 2,2C,2Ci,2Ce.
The dates I am going to give you are approximate -- if you want specific production dates, I suggest you contact the Vandersteen factory in Hanford, CA (phone number is on their web site).

The first Vandersteen that was sold commercially was the Model 2, which entered production about 1976 or 1977. (It was first sold by Havens & Hardesty, a high-end store in the LA area that was run by Curtis Havens, who now owns Advanced Audio in Tacoma, WA, and his partner Richard Hardesty, who is now an audio equipment reviewer that publishes his own quarterly audio newsletter.

Since its introduction, the Model 2 has gone through its various "C" iterations: 2C in the early 1980's; 2Ci beginning around 1986 or 1987, and continuing until about 1991 or 1992; 2Ce following the 2Ci in the early 1990's; and the 2Ce Signature since about 2000.

As memory serves, the Model 1 began around 1983 or 1984, followed by the 1B in the latter part of the 1980's, and the 1C being introduced 5-6 years ago.
Sonic differences between models 1, 1b, 1c? Amplification and CD player that would be a good sonic match with them, in the same general price range? Opinions, Sdcampbell or anyone else?
Look here in audiogon's own on-line bluebook.