Vandersteen Kento Specs Released

From Vandersteen email:

Featuring  a carbon tweeter, the Model Seven MK II midrange, new 9-inch subwoofer drivers powered by 400-Watt Linear Amplifier and increased midbass adjustability resulting in a more open and expansive soundstage, and greater bass authority than the now retired model 5A Carbon.

Vandersteen Audio is very proud to premiere the KĒNTO Carbon, the newest Vandersteen loudspeaker. The previous model at this price level, the Model 5 represented the first Vandersteen speaker with an adjustable powered subwoofer built into the full range enclosure to pursue the ideal time and phase alignment of all drivers. The original Model 5 had been in constant production for over twenty years, where it was firmly ensconced as a Stereophile Class A Recommendations, and was a perennial TAS Editor's Choice and winning universal praise from reviewers and consumers around the world. All of which is testament to the fact that it’s a tough speaker to improve upon! However, Richard and Nathan Vandersteen, the architects of this ambitious project, found that using side-firing 9 inch drivers allowed for further bass and mid-bass integration adjustment in any space. This breakthrough along with the existing carbon tweeter and newly combined with the patented Model Seven midrange yields results never seen at this price point. Early measurements and listening show this speaker’s performance will be a good part of the Model Seven Mk.II and a significant step forward with it’s new proprietary technological features. This speaker is priced at an introductory price of $37,500 per pair in painted or wood veneer finishes, and will be available early in 2020. A small deposit will hold your place and you can decide your finish later. See your Vandersteen dealer for details.

KĒNTO Carbon Specifications
Exclusive Aerodynamic Dual-Chamber, Transmission-Line Loaded Carbon Dome with Ferrofluid Voice-Coil Cooling

4.5” Patented Perfect Piston™ Midrange with 3-Layer Carbon Fiber/Balsa/Carbon Fiber Cone, Die-Cast Aerodynamic Basket with Neo-Magnet Assembly and Ferrofluid Voice-Coil Cooling

6.5” Woven-Fiber Cone and Precision-Formed Magnet Assembly Copper Faraday Ring

(2) 9" Aluminum Drivers with Long-Throw Motor Assemblies
Subwoofer Amplifier
400-Watt Class B High-Current Amplifier with Fully Regulated Switching Power Supply

Recommended Amplification
40-200 Watts Into 8 Ohms

Frequency Response
23 Hz – 40kHz +/- 3 dB
85 dB, 1 meter/2.83 volt input
4 ohms +/- 1 ohms
First order/6dB per octave, 200Hz, 900Hz, 5kHz
Input Terminals
Barrier strips, 1/2" max width
Dimensions (WHD)
12” x 47” x 19”
110 lbs. Ea. Net
Country of Manufacture
Made in the USA in a solar powered factory

Ah, if only I had the room...
In any case, my Treo's are pretty sweet and when I get the Sub 3's, I think I will be done for the rest of my life.- That is barring I win the Lottery😁
The Seven is one of the 3-4 very best I've ever heard and would probably be my selection if I win the lottery. This description suggests the Kento will be very close in performance. Although $37K is much less than $64K, still WAY out of my budget. I hope RV can get that carbon midrange into a speaker in the $10-15K range.
Wonder if this is showing at RMAF?
80 pounds lighter and still no 'box' sound? These are out of my budget by a long shot, but I still can't wait to hear them. I love my original 5s, the System Nine is incredible. 
Yes part of a very high quality VTL system at RMAF phono and pre, AMG table, Aurender digital, should sound lovely.... but I am biased owning both 7’s and Treo. 

Ya, for those wanting the purity of the balsa/carbon fiber midrange at a lower price... that is the holy grail, so far elusive but constantly in the front of mind and grist for the idea mill....

have fun, enjoy the music....

This might be a bit heretical given that many in the Vandersteen fold are die hard Analog freaks, but I think a System of a NAIM server into an Aesthetix DAC with volume control out to the M5 Vandersteen amps into Kento would be astounding at about $70 k, ( less cables ) what some drop on just speakers....
fun :-)
substitute in the new DCS for grins...
I almost missed the Solar powered factory bit..... a call is in order to congratulate Richard....

Vandersteen- Saving the Planet and Music !!!!
A few things stand out to me 1) the 6.5 inch woofer vs the 7 inch in the model 5, which I’d think would be an advantage in the model 5. When I went from the Quatro with its 6.5 inch woofer to the 5A Carbon, the upper bass and lower midrange sounded more open and forceful. 2) the 5A Carbon also has the same midrange, I think. 3) there’s no mention of whether or not the crossovers are battery biased.

So the real advantage would seem to be the better bass integration in the Kento.
Of course, there’s no substitute for listening to the new speakers when they’re ready.
Anyone know if the 6.5" woofer (mid-woofer?) purports to be pistonic in its passband?

Too many ps in that post.  :)  Reading my kids too much Dr. Seuss I guess.
Vandersteen official link (with photo and full specs):
Thanks for the link. Pretty much the Quatro cabinet but with side-firing woofers.I still think the Treo is far and away the best looking speaker RV has made but I'd have the lights off when playing these Kentos, anyhow :)Hope to hear a pair someday.

@tomic601 yes, the PV-powered factory caught my attention, too. Kudos!
Wonder how much the Piston Perfect 4.5 incher costs!
There is a CT available at a reasonable cost- The VLR.
And, don't snicker, I own the non-CT VLR's and have to say they are impressive for their size.
I love Vandersteen speakers but man, that woofer covers look really off from a design viewpoint.
I can see where many wouldn't like the woofer cover.  That said, I have my Quatro's painted in black metallic.  I promise you that you wouldnt' even see the cover in that paint job.  you can also get the lighter colored or gray colored cloth's.  

I begged Richard to make the Quatro with carbon fiber tweeter and mid, but was told it was so expensive to do, that it didn't make sense.  Then he figured out a way to give us the 7's in a smaller enclosure for those who can't fit or afford the 7's.  Compared to the rest of the under 40k market, I have a feeling that these will become a best value as all Richard's gear is.  

I'm using The Memory Player server/DAC and it's the best digital I've ever heard bar none.  There are so many ways you can go when pairing a speaker like this. Fairly easy to drive, so you can go tubes or SS like the other Vandy's.  I bet it crushes it with Richard's new amp (a birdie who was at the show fell in love and said he couldn't believe the room filling bass and quality of it.  

I can't wait to hear it.

Ct, I know the Quattro doesn't have the model 7's type of carbon mid and tweet but isn't the reflection free mid in the Quattro (and Treo) a carbon fiber version? 
The mid and mid woofer are woven fiber units.  The bass is a carbon/celluos cone.

Richard went with those 7 drivers (also matched to the same tolerances I bet to get identical L/R speakers.  I was told that it is very close to the 7's and not to the older 5's.  Dramatic change and why the price went up a bit.  
The Kentos sound wonderful.  I heard them briefly at RMAF. Vanderstee feed-forward concept works all through the lineupI received this comment from a 3 A Sig / X 5 High Pass / dual Sub 3s fellow last night.
After setting the x over correctly he was non-reachable a few attempts I knew he was too busy engaged in the system. 
 Did receive this text though.
(( Utterly amazing. More precise female vocal, great bass guitar but I did not expect better soundstage and imaging.  REALLY APPRECIATE ALL YOUR GUIDANCE AND ADVICE. THANKS!!! )))

  Best JohnnyR
I can hardly wait to get my Sub 3's, now.
Bob, that will be fun for you I'm sure.  I can't wait to hear the Kēnto.  
I notice in the picture that the Kento has a base.  Wonder if this is the same as the base for the 7 which is being offered at 10k usd?  If so that means the Kento and 7 has the same footprint dimension?
It's not the same base at all.  Design is similar (HRS in there I think), but it's contoured to the speakers as you can see.  

Richard has already started his tour of the country for the Kento.  Pretty cool.  I know he'll be at Audio Connection in NJ on Nov 2. Not sure of the rest of his schedule.
@ctsooner , are you going to be there?
It would be nice to see you again.
Also, with the base on the Kento (and the other Vandy's), does Mr. V. think that adding an additional marble base makes any difference?
BTW, how did your marble bases do?
man, what fun..... I just finished a week run w 7 and back to Treo which I have to say are an jncredible value. But......with Kento I can keep the wood veneer exterior and skip the room clutter of two sub 3.... aint it great to have choices.....ha