vandersteen crossover for 2ce sig. with an aes

the crossover with the aes superamp with 2ce sig. and the vandy 2wq sub....what crossover point did you find best...thanks...
If you have the Vandy 2Wq sub, you presumably are using the Vandy crossover made for the sub. Vandersteen's crossover settings are based on the input impedance of your amp, and recommends that you experiment with the following settings: one setting higher than the one recommended for your amp's input impedance; the setting that corresponds to the amp's input impedance; and the setting one level lower than the amp's input impedance.

I have Vandy 3A Sig's, and found that the setting that matches my amp's input impedance (50k ohms) seems the best balanced.

You should also experiment with the phase for the subs. In some rooms, the subs work best with a 180-degree phase reversal (simply connect the positive cable to the negative input, and the negative cable to the positive input). I am using a pair of Vandy 2Wq subs, and the subs sound best using the in-phase setting.