Vandersteen, Audio Note, and Resistance

I have an Audio Note Kit Four, which is a 10w tube amplifier. It has 3 speaker posts per channel - one black, one 4 ohm red, and one 8 ohm red. 

I am trying to connect to Vandersteen 1c speakers, which claim to be 6.8 ohm (+/- 2 ohms).

My question simply is: which binding posts do I use, the 4 ohm or the 8 ohm? I am getting conflicting advice between my friends and youtube.
Try either. :)

It's not going to hurt you, but you may hear one is really better than the other.

Pay particular attention to the mid-bass and treble.
Just saw some more youtube vids. Apparently, I need to be concerned  about over-heating the output transformer if I use the 8 ohm posts.
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I think you are going to be disappointed with 10 watts driving vandersteens no matter what tap you use.

The model 1 are 90 dB, try both taps. Like all Vandersteen they are engineered to present a relatively easy load.

enjoy the music :-)
Thanks all. I tried both taps, I think the 8ohm one sounded a tad better.

And surprisingly, amp was not terribly "disappointing" as ozzy62 and I thought. I read on Vandee's website that Richard thinks that 1c should be fine with 15wpc from tubes.