Vandersteen 7 Flagship at CES

The Vandy 7s were introduced at CES and seemed to have created quite a stir.

Vandersteen 7

Any of you hear these speakers and care to report? How do they sound compared to the 5As?
There was no side by side obviously, and the 7's did sound fantastic, but... In my memory the best sound I have ever heard from a system included the 5a's at the local Vandy dealer, and they didn't have anywhere near the upstream gear that Vandersteen did at CES. That was the best I have ever heard a system, and it was with the 5a's. Great speakers.
Wow allot of good comments. I agree the price seems steep 3x the 5a's, but I have not herd them so I can not judge, yet. For me the look is much nicer than the 5a which I have now and never really cared for, that for me is a big part of it. I am still in sticker shock over the price for a vandersteen speaker. For the 5a the price point was good but as stated above there is allot of competition in the new price point. I hope they are worth it for me that may be a little to much and upgrading my 5’s is not an option since I don’t like the look that much I would sell them first take the cash but upgrading to the sevens in this market is to big of a jump. I look forward to reading all the reviews.
what did you think about Unified 3 or was it? the new smaller speaker from Vandersteen?
Programmergeek...just wondering if you have the standard finish on your 5A's, I have the Kawazinga finish, and everone that sees it thinks its gorgeous.
I just got black, figured it would alwas match and my dealers said it makes them look small which my wife liked. Didn't come in as nice as I had hoped wish I had something nicer. I also did the big center and sub and 4 sourounds so I wanted them all to match. Love the way they sound hate they way they look for the price. In fact they look totally unimpressive and any of my friends that come over have never had anything good to say about them in fact most even ask what they are since they look like big black lumps sitting there with no brand or anything that stands out.