Vandersteen 7 amps?

I have Vandersteen 7's and was running them on Quicksilver v4 sounded great but about 6 yeas ago I bought  Aesthetix mono blocks, nothing but trouble they keep shunting down, Aesthetix has no idea what is wrong, no error message they keep blaming my power, I have had 3 electricians here tell me nothing wrong, dedicated circuits run, tried them on other circuits as well same issue, they just crash and shut down for no reason at medium volume.  I have suffered now for 5 years with no one having a clue what is going on.  So it is time to dump them and get something that works.   The Vandersteen amps are to much $$$ and seem unattainable anyhow every time I called Richard it seems they are unavailable.  

As much as I love the speaker it seems like there are only 2 amps that realy work with it, the  Aesthetix and the Vandersteen.  So what is other people using at this point I may even dump the speaker if I can't find a good matching amp that works with them.    
A lot of Vandersteen dealers also sell Audio Research electronics. I've heard the 7's sounding fantastic powered by ARC. Give Randy at Optimal Enchantment (in Santa Monica, CA) a call.
I have heard the 7’s sound excellent with Ayre MRX mono’s at a dealer some time ago. They should have enough power. Quite spendy though. Personally have not liked any Vandy/ Arc combo I’ve heard in the past. Have liked Vandy/ Aesthetix pairings though.
The greatest Guru re: Vandersteens is John at Audio Connection in Verona, NJ.  Give him a call.  I will bet he's got the answer.  (My take on it is that it's a grounding problem, but speak to John) Post your results.
I have also heard the fabulous 7's driven by Audio Research. Paired very very well.