Vandersteen 5a vs Quatro ct which do you choose?

Trying to decide. Have McIntosh 300w and McIntosh tube preamp. Listen to all music except Classical-and Rap. Room 25’ x 20’ carpet with listening spot app 12’ from front wall. Would appreciate thoughts plus and minus. Thanks
Bob , do you think the 5a’s would be overpowering for the room and the reason for your suggestion of the Quatro ‘s?
From what I have heard, no. 
But, considering room design and cost, I think the Quatro's would be your best move. 
Don't take my word. Ask John Rutan at Audioconnection ( you can PM him here on Agon). He knows Vandy inside and out and will give you the best info regarding the speakers and your equipment.
You can also call Vandersteen. Mr. V. will call you back the next day- Just be sure to have all you questions lined up, as he can be a bit abrupt.
Another member is Ctsooner. He just got his Quatro's a year ago, and his room is quite large.
+1 Johnny Rutan.
Also, Richard V himself considers the Quattro CT the "sweet spot" in the model lineup.
i think a call to JR or RV is good. I have owned 5a and now 7 and Treo CT, so perhaps you might call me biased.

your room is not an issue, especially ceiling height- Vandersteen engineers the tweeter height to be remarkably similar across the line...for a reason!!!! your floor is treated :-) w carpet...maybe add some natural diffusers....but the big virtue is powered bass and 11 bands of analog eq. the tweeter on the CT is better than the 5a
the subwoofer on the 5a is better....

competently setup w good source I would call it a draw. smaller rooms favor the Q

now if you are guying new, get the Quattro, pick your wood or automotive finish AND enjoy the ocassional upgrade opportunity as an origional owner...
stretch for the demo 5a Carbons on audiogon.......those are world class......yum

The new carbon tweeter was a significant improvement over what was in the previous Quatro, and it appears to be better than what’s in the 5a. I’m very happy with my CT’s.  In my 22 * 12 * 7 ft room, there’s plenty of tight, powerful and tuneful bass. 
I had the regular Treo's and LOVED them.  I now own the Quatro CT (painted in Audi Havana Black).  There are differences in the drivers for sure.  That ceramic tweeter in the 5a is a great tweeter, but the CT tweeter does take things to the next level.  

Personally, the Quatro really is the sweet spot in the lineup. I chose a new pair of Quatro's, from Johnny Rutan, than to get a used pair of 5a's.  I do have a large room adn it's very open so bass is a very important thing to me.  That's why I went with "Quatro over the Treo's.  

The 5a won't overload your room.  They can be played in smaller rooms and still sound great, but to me the Quatro is easier to place in the room and it has plenty of bass.  It too has the 11 band EQ, so it's a trade off between MORE bass (5a's) or much more refined sound (Quatro) that still have plenty of bass.  I personally side with refined when I can afford to so take my comments in context.  Feel free to PM me as I love talking audio, lol...Pete
@ctsooner , nice to see you found this thread. I bet those Quatro's are killers. I hope The Music Player is working for you. I got the Mini, but still have to get it hooked up. This humid, hot and wet summer has drained this gardener.
I bought ctsooner's Treo's. I have them paired up with Vandy 2wq subs.
I don't think I can do much better for the money. Heck, I don't think I can do better for twice the price.
The Quatro's are just sick good.  So much better than I thought and I expected a lot.  My Memory Player will be delivered by Sam on the 10th.  They have made so many upgrades.  The DAC is a totally new dual chip design.  I can't wait to get it in and burned in. Sold the Ayre QX5/20.  He got a GREAT deal, lol. Now I'll be selling the Ayre AX5/20 so I can get the Vandy Mono blocks.  Was looking at the Constellation stereo Taurus amp, but it won't fit in my rack and I think the Vandy amps will be very very special.  
Bob, as you know, those Treo's are so special.  I also think that you will LOVE that mini. Sam does a great job with the company and Mark is a wonderful designer.
It amazes me how everyone here knows just the right answer for everyone. ...let me insert my right answer. The 5A’s are a great speaker with the ability to conform to the acoustics of nearly every room. The difference between the 5A’s and the carbon 5A’s are not dramatically different. ...better highs and mids in the carbons but I can hardly tell the difference without A/B ing them in the same room with the same equipment. Certainly, the 5A’s have a better low end than the Quatros. John Rutan is wonderful at setup ...he knows it all (AudioConnection in New Jersey).
string, hope that wasn't for my post. I tried to share the similarities and differences.  Never said there was a right answer.  If putting a speaker closer to a wall is important, he's possibly better off with the Quatro.

I guess it comes down to two questions:
1.  Do you want more bass quantity and the ability to go a bit lower (not going to matter own 99% of your listening probably.

2. do you want better quality from 100hz on up?  It's not night and day, but it is better in the CT version.  As you said, you'd have to have both in your room and listen side by side to really hear the differences, but they are there non the less.

Johnny, as you said, is someone he should get in touch with and go over this system, room, desires and anything else that matters to him to figure out which one is best.  

Also, I have to say that a new pair of Quattro's will sound better in the mids by a bit than an older pair as they constantly upgraded things.  I find mine a tad warmer without losing anything.  JMHO
appreciate all the responses. I am leaning towards the Quatro CT’s based on above!
It is those integrated subs with EQ. 
I just wish I had the money to buy a pair of Quatro CT's. Though I find my current setup pretty amazing.
@OP, just get in touch with John Rutan or Mr. V. 
 @stringreen i might have felt exactly like you as a relatively long term 5a owner...except i spent 10 hours in a demo room with 7 mk1 choosing between 5 power amps including my trade in Mc
when i got home those 10 hours of much, MUCH lower dirtortion and pure water clarifty had ruined it for me....

i get your milage may vary....

thank God we get to enjoy the music

best to you
i have heard all the animals at length, we shall differ - the 5a carbon is closer to a 7 than a 5a...mid, tweeter, .....yes cabinet gets in the way a bit but.......
reality is at $30 k plus it is difficult to compete with nicely cared for 5a in the $10 k range.....but they do not sound alike....
i stand by my comment that a demo pair at i believe $20 k is a fantastic option.

listen at length to the carbon your peril :-)

if you get to Seattle, you are welcome to do just that.....the wine and the view aint bad either......peace
Tomic 601, If I understand your post you feel the 5a carbon is in a different league than the 5a and the Quatro wood ct.

I owned the Quatro woods (not CT) and loved them. However, when I heard the Treo CT I thought the new CT tweeter was a big improvement. and wanted to upgrade to the Quatro Woods CT. However, the upgrade is not available. I upgraded to the 5a Carbons, which are great. However, at your price point I would go with a new pair of the Treo CT or the Quatro wood CT. Ask Johnny R. for a demo. 
5a carbon, better mid than the Quattro and they have the push pull aluminum sub like the 7, the cabinet not as good as a 7
they are very expensive to build , hence my comments about scoring a demo pair.
then Quattro CT, the CT is flat out sweeter and better than the 5a, which is no slouch...The 5a has better low bass because it has the push pull aluminum cone sub...

the Quattro CT is awesome

Jim, I have a feeling we will meet in person within the next year ;)....

I'm totally on board with your comments on thee carbon mid.  I would kill to get the quarto with the drivers of the 5, lmao...;).  
yes I still love the Treo....screaming value with the sweet high end of the 7
guys make sure i am actually in Seattle when you visit, somebody has to give you the music server password and unlock the wine chiller ( maybe not in that order )...
iF i am out of town, most likely i am listening to vinyl on the Treo CT

Sometime when you're back down in Carlsbad, I will try to be there. Would love to come to Seattle someday! Keep that wine chilled! I still remember how great the wine and music was.....Oh, the food too!
Tim - i expect to be back in CA relatively soon.....stop by anytime...i have some new Vinyl to listen to.....
OP, have you thought about the Treo CT plus a pair of SUB THREES? Based off specs seems you might get better bass (more woofers in the sub 3 than in the quatros) and would be about a grand less. This is my dream set up if I had the funds.
I've heard the 7s, 5A carbon, CT Quattro's and Treo's in two different showrooms at different times with different electronics. I wouldn't begin to offer an opinion other than to say that older Thiel and Vandersteen's line are some of the few reasonable speakers that have the same rightness mojo as my Avalons.

While every room is different I've never found my subwoofers to sound their best near the main speakers. I'd forgo the onboard subs for two correctly located multi-band EQd subwoofers. The dedicated subs will last through many different speaker changes.    
vandersteen with built in subs work great the cabinets and slot loading work well. i stand by my comments about the massive and articulate push pull aluminum cone driver in the 5, 5a, 5a carbon and the 7
i suspect that a pair of sub 3 and Treo CT could properly setup do better than Quattro CT but w cables, i think you are a best looking at price parity...

what a cool geek out forest of boxes, wire and great sound, with lower WAF than Quattro....

tooth2th, even though I've never even seen or know anything about their setup procedure the suggestions for the Vandersteen Sub 3s with their eleven bands of EQ look to be a no brainer. 

I lust for the Sub-3's, but they are out of my financial league.
But, to be fair, my 2wq's are no slouches with my Treo's.
If the OP is buying used Treo's, it would be a great move.
FWIW, buying Treo's and 2wq subs should bring you to more than 80% of a pair of Quatro's...
It just depends upon how much you want to spend.