Vandersteen 5a vs. B&W 802D vs. Maggie 3.6 vs.?

I've had this addiction for over thirty years and am ready to purchase my "last" set of speakers. I currently have Vandersteen 3A sig's. with v2q (pair) driven my Mac c2200 and mc402. I'm looking for the best MUSICAL speaker I can find. I've owned a ton of stuff over thte years and know that I want to stay away from anything bright or even remotely tilted in the high end. I listen to mostly rock although I don't like to listen at terribly loud levels.

I know my choices seem diverse in cost as the 3.6's are signifigantly lower but I would retain the Vandersteen subs with these.

I'm looking for advise from fellow A'goners as I believe I can trust your opinions far better than any dealer. I have heard from way too many dealers a promise of musicality only too find a product that may be rated highly but sounds like sand paper to my ears.......Thiel 3.6's!

Unfortunatley, the only high end dealer near me sells only B&W. I must travel three to four hours to find any other brand.

I'd love to hear others thoughts and input and I thank you one and all in advance!

Tim, the best I can do is give you my personnal opinion of the three speakers you are interested in, but remember that so much of anyone's prespective is a personnal taste along with system synergy and the size/type of acoustic space the system is located in.

I have listened to the three above mentioned speakers and my personnal favorite among them is the Maggie 3.6's. I have a dear friend who about six month ago went from his 3.6's to B&W 802's, and still wishes he had his Maggies back. If you love the sound of music and are not looking for a "hifi" perspective, the di-polar panels and ribbon tweaters of the 3.6's offer magic, if you have enough power and space behind and on the sides of the speakers. I have always found all the Vandy's I have listened to, to be very good, but not as realistic in their ability to "float" a large and naturally layered soundstage as the big Maggies. Well, that's my opinion, but remember I'm quite enamored of planer speakers and have had my MG-20's for over 14 years as my reference speakers, even though virtually all the upstream gear has changed I have no desire to replace the 20's.
Don't buy the Maggies. I've owned 3.6's and I loved them, but they were unable to play rock convincingly, they had a small sweet spot, and the treble was on the bright side.

I auditioned a lot of speakers and I ended up with Aerial 9's. I really like them a lot.

If I could have two full blown systems, I would own the Maggies again in a hearbeat. They do things well that most other speakers can't do at all, and I'm talking about comparisons with Wilson Watt/Puppy, Aerial 20 and some really expensive Dynaudio gear. But they have shortcomings that made them impossible to stay with (for me).

The 802D and the 5A are hard to beat, but I think the Aerial 9 and the Sonus Faber Cremona are equally good. If you have a local B&W dealer, I would go with the 802.

Nice problem you have!

I own a pair of 3.6R's with two 2Wq Vandy subs. It's a great match. But if my tastes were mostly rock, I'd probably go with the 5A's. I like my Maggies more for Jazz, Blues and Vocals. Not fantastic with rock, probably because so many of the recordings suck.
I have owned the 802D's with the McIntosh MC402 and C46, I still have the Mac gear. I have been told by others that the 802D's sound great with the MC501's and that may be, but they didn't do it for me with the 402, or the numerous other amps I used.

From my experience, I'd look elsewhere. Following suit with others offering other suggestions, I suggest the Wilson Sophia II's, I have heard these side-by-side with the 802D's, it was an easy choice; also, the Usher CP-8571's are well thought of.