Vandersteen 5a tuning cd

I purchased a new pair of Vandersteen 5a's and the dealer came over and tuned them yesterday. I would like to keep a record the levels so if I make changes to the room I can see if it effects the speakers and how much also as they break in more to see if they go off at all. I asked my dealer for the CD and he told me it was for dealers only. Is there any way I can get a copy of this cd I am willing to pay for it. If anyone has one please email me.
Try calling Vandersteen Audio and ask to buy a copy of the CD.
I called Richard Vandersteen myself about the same thing and he told me the disc is the Stereophile test disc. That is the only disc he and the dealers use.
I see 3 disks the one he used had sweeping tones andy idear if that is one two or three?
I knew you could tune a guitar but not a speaker.
Where are the tuning pegs at?
If and when there are out of tune & you play clasical is the whole orchestra sound out of tune?
"Where are the tuning pegs at?"

The CD is used to set the 5a subwoofer's Q and its eleven-position equalizer, so tuning sounds good to me. By the way, the Stereophile 002 is a good one to use.
The tuning is done by a very evolved phase correct crossover. It has 12 fine tuning pots. The idea is that if one speaker is more near a corner and bass heavy you can tune down the more active frequencies to achieve a normal tonal range for the room. How many people play with speaker placement and room acoustics to get the right bass or highs, shouldnÂ’t you be able to tune the speaker to the room rather than tune a room to the speaker?

Having the tonal range match on each speaker adds to the openness and soundstage. Take a piece of paper and put it over one of your speakers and listen it would blow the sound stage and you would be able to hear each speaker instead of them blending together. Tuning each one helps the vandersteens blend together and get a consistent sound in almost any environment.