Vandersteen 5A to Carbons??

Anyone out there do the upgrade? If so, is the upgrade very obvious, or a minor improvement? ..or something in between.
I sold my 5a and bought 5a carbons and I am very glad I did . It is a significant upgrade for me.
Veerapaneni.....what would you say are the differences in the they sound so?
The Mid range is much better in the Carbon and the overall sound imroved compared to my old 5As.
I don't own either (I have Treo's), but I am very familiar with both. The big differences you should hear are in the openness as well as the smoothness of the sound. It's just much more refined with better staging and imaging. To me if you are able to afford the Carbon's or an upgrade (if you are an original owner), then it's worth it. Let us know what you think once you do it.
I am the original owner. I've contacted the dealer for information regarding logistics, etc., but have not gotten a reply yet.
Who's the dealer?
It's okay I got back to him yesterday....
Stan is traveling and hasn't had a chance to respond.
Best JohnnyR
Audioconnection. Where are you located?
Sorry Johnny, lol. Mr. m He's in Verona, NJ....I'm in CT, but travel down there and have been more than happy with everything. He's as good a dealer as I've met and I've been in this hobby since '69..... good luck...
Hello Ctsooner. Thanks for the info on Audioconnection. I live in Wisconsin, hence my lack of knowledge where Audioconnection is. I never was a Vandersteen enthusiast before, but have listened to their latest speakers recently at several dealerships and came away impressed. I pulled the trigger and purchased a pair of Treos with the carbon tweeter. They replace a pair of B&W 802D's. I have to wait awhile for them because as they are being made, I also have to wait for the Vandersteens to come back from vacation to finish my pair. Can't wait. A salesman at my dealer said he has a pair of Treo Ct's, along with a pair of the Vandersteen subs. He said, in his opinion, that this combo out performed the Quatro Ct Wood. Can't personally verify this as I haven't listened to that combination. But this was his opinion. I do agree that the carbon tweeter is a large step up from the standard ceramic tweet for the same reasons you expressed. All in all, good design.
Wife is from Wisc and heading out there today. Great state. Glad you got the Treo CT's..You will love them. I'm surprised he thinks the added subs are better, but I can understand that as you can position them anywhere. I was told by a few folks who should know that the Quatro CT's would still be better than adding the subs to the Treo's. Every system and room will be different. Bottom line is that you will be very very happy and that's all that counts. Where is your dealer from? Hope they are close and can set them up for you. Once you get them dialed in, your head should spin. The better my system gets, the better the speakers sound. I'm in amazement what that Ayre AX5/20 did. Please keep us in formed as you go through delivery, set up and break in.
Richard Vandersteen told me to supplement my 5A's with subs...2 or3
Stringreen, I, like you, love my 5As, and, unlike you, have not been tempted to either upgrade or move up the line to 7s. I suspect there will be a difference if i were to upgrade (for more than $10,000), but, even though I could easily afford the cost, I have no desire to do this. I simply am very pleased with my stereo system, more than I have ever been in my (62.5 years of) life. Our systems are quite different, and no doubt they sound slightly different (I say slightly intentionally since I feel/believe that the loudspeaker transducer influences what we hear far more than any other component upstream of the deliver of the sound/music/magic), but different is not bad, its just different. Like froggy (not sure who will get that analogy, perhaps no one). There is always an upgrade path, always. For me, its irrelevant. I have arrived at where I wanted to go, and now enjoy music at home, and in person, far more than I ever did in years past.'



ps-before you moved west you agreed to allow me to hear your set-up, I didn't, but am grateful for your hospitality.
Ct. My dealer is from Milwaukee. Called Ultra Fidelis. About 250 miles south of Rhinelander where Iive. A gentleman named Jon Spelt owns/runs the place. He seems quite knowledgeable and is very patient and friendly. I'm not a pro, but I'm fairly good at setting up my speakers and am confident I can get the best out of them in my listening room. Been at this hobby about as long as you.i will probably have to make some ancillary changes too, mostly cables and interconnects. As this has been a given when I would make a speaker change. Have a new Rogue Pharaoh hybrid integrated amp. Was told this was a good match with Vandersteen. I now have somewhat limited funds for my hobby,as I'm nearing retirement and a wife with little humor when it comes to buying audio equipment. My dealer felt I had good "bang for the buck" components. I hope he's right. Lol.
Thanks Richard for bringing me back to reality. I too love my 5A's which is why I question the change to the Carbons. If you haven't changed the power cords on your speakers I would recommend it. If you have questions about that Email me.
M, very cool. I haven't been to that dealer yet. I'm sure I will on my next trip back to Wisc though. Wife has a ton of good friends where you live. She sells insurance and still keeps a ton of clients in Wisc.

Fun being in a thread where folks 'get' how good Vandy's really are. I see so many chase their tails and most of my Vandy friends just upgrade within the line. You really do hear the differences. The Rogue, Quicksilver, NAD, Ayre, Aethetix and AR gear are all sold at the Vandy shops. All have a great rep for not just sound, but also companies who stand behind their amps. Richard does a great job at getting good stores to carry his gear.
Interesting discussion guys-

anyone using Aesthetix gear w/ any variation of the current "carbon" upgrades ? 5A, Treo or Quattro CT models?
If so, feel free to comment. There exists a very natural
synergy between Aesthetix and Vandy. Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
I have the Aesthetix phono stage that I just hooked up, but I don't have the CT version Treo's. They sound GREAT together.
What's interesting is that the premier Vandersteen dealer would say this about a pair of speakers someone traded in:

"still have not heard a speaker set valued up to $10K that I like better! Terrific Detail, focus, Sound stage, etc."

I guess you say whatever you have to say to move used merchandise out the door.....

??? Not sure what you are saying. Who? What? Thanks.
Ad by Audio Connection for a pair of used Metaphor 2 loudspeakers. The description was in the ad copy. I guess they think these are better than the 2ci, Quattro, Treo, etc...

Just seems funny to me.

It may be off the Metaphor site or something. He has to sell to eat still as do all the people who are in audio from journalists to any merchant. We all know that and it's why we need to listen before buying isn't it? Every Vandy dealer personally sells other lines. I went to Johnny even though he was so far away from me for Proacs. I didn't want Vandy's at the time, but one listen and I wanted more. I think there are different speakers for everyone and these threads all prove that. He does like Vandersteen and he's sincere, but some folks need for him to sell their older gear in order to purchase new gear be it VAndy's or something else. At least he listens to those of us who go see him and I know for a fact that other Vandy dealers do the same as I have been to their stores. I just wasn't sure what you were trying to say. Thanks for the clarity. :)
Shakeydeal (((The description was in the ad copy.)))

It was a quote from an old review copy.
A pair of Latest 2 Sigs IIs IMO outperforms them.
These were taken in as a trade in for Vandersteen Treo CTs. Thanks for your keen observation powers.
You're too nice Johnny! I admire your restraint.
Restrained about what? It was a poorly worded ad and he explained. I thank him for doing so, but it was very misleading. AC should probably put someone else in charge of placing Agon ads.

What? Shakey, are you joking around or being serious? It's called an ad. Go speak with Johnny in his shop sometime and you'll understand he cares about you getting the sound YOU want. Are you saying that the speaker company has a poorly worded ad? If so, that's on them and not a dealer trying to sell used gear so he can make a living with sites like this biting into his bottom line. What part was misleading to you? I asked a few folks who aren' audiophiles what they thought the ad meant and they fully got it. The ONLY reason for ads is to get your name out and let folks know what they can get. Seems like AC surely did that doesn't it?

Shakey, have you ever run a dealership in audio or a business in general? I think it's funny that you are trying to make something out of nothing. In regards to John Rutan, there are hundreds of very happy customers and personally I've never heard one bad word about the guy and how he conducts himself as a business or a man! Love a bit of spice with my tea (Green tea with strawberries today). Tasting great as I listen to Slash kill it in Glastonbury 40. Loving my system and I have John to thank for the Vandersteen Treo's, Ayre AX5/Twenty, with AQ cables. Rock still lives in THIS house.....Back to loving our music!!!!! Enough with trying to discredit a simple ad by an honest business man and a GREAT human being......Richard V sure picks some great humans to share his wonderful products....

Johnny, thanks for the honestly of liking the 2c's best.
And so it goes.....right over your head.

Never mind, I see there is no way for you to get it.

Now back to our regularly scheduled love fest......

No Shakey, you aren't getting one over my head. it's not a love fest when you stick up for someone who deserves it now is it? What part is over my head? Your taking a shot at someone who didn't deserve it? Since everyone likes different things folks can say that 21 different speakers are BEST. That's why folks should listen to speakers to know what they want.

Your last post seems a bit condescending doesn't it? I FULLY get what you are trying to do as does everyone else, lol. It just doesn't fly, that's all. John was stand up enough to say what he meant and was honest as heck. Can't ask for more than that and that's why there is a 'love fest'. Honestly is greatly appreciated.

My true love is for my Vandersteen Treo's.
Shakey. What? No love???
I have no feelings one way or the other. I know the newer Vandersteens are head and shoulders above the older models, which are the only ones I have heard. Model 1 through 3A have never impressed me. The Model 5 was pretty good when I heard it at HI-FI 96 in NYC. I look forward to someday hearing the Treos and Quattros.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it........

Shake, if you ever followed my posts, I too didn't love the older Vandy's. I just didn't' get them. I went to Audio Connection and met Johnny. I was there to purchase the Proacs D series and ended up listening (reluctantly) to the Treo's. He had me after that. I was in SHOCK that they could not only sound like real music, but also could image, stage and do all those high end things folks want to hear. They were emotional and that's what I wanted. Do yourself a favor and go listen to the CT series. Pretty amazing speakers for the cost.
I intend to do just that in the future. Right now I am extremely happy with my Grand Veenas and I realize it would cost a lot of money to better them. Money I just don't have at the moment. So maybe I am blissfully ignorant. But I would like to hear the newer Vandys at some point.

You have great speakers and I love hearing that you are happy. It's not about money, it's about being happy and listening to the music you love. I go listen to everything I can, so that I know what's going on. I love to keep up on equipment, but I also lean about new music to listen to. Nothing wrong with blissful ignorance at times.