Vandersteen 5A's in Home Theater

Vandy any of you use the 5A's in your home theater?
if so, how do they sound? do you use an add'l sub or just the 5A's?


They sound great, as do the VSM-Sig. for surrounds and the VCC-5 for a center channel. You still want a sub though, for the .1 channel.
Yup use them in a HT set up. They do awesome... I do have the v2w but I am unimpressed with it might be to accurate and fast for a HT sub so I also send the sub to the speakers since they have 2 12" subs in them anyhow so I don't really think you need the sub unless you like to tweek just the bass. I would highly sugest the big center though that is hte most important speaker.
The 5As are great for a number HT setups. They image so well you might be able to go with out a center channel if your screen is not too big. I went with out one for many years though I now use a center with my 106" diag screen. There are tradeoffs IMO. The low freq response is so good, I don't think the .1 is manditory either.

A full blown system would be wonderful though.

Keep in mind that movie sound tracks are very different from the best LP recordings. I use my 5As 60% of the time for vinyl, 30%-35% HT and the rest CD. 2 CH was my main consideration. What is yours.

The 5A HT set-up is the recommended system by TAS in the price range.
thanks for the responses...I currently have a Revel system with Salons, Voice, Embraces and a pair of Sub30's.
I just purchased a pair of 5A's for different system of mine and I'm considering getting a pair for my HT/Listening room.

Do you think i should go with Vandy center channel for would my Revel Voice do?

If you're using standard 5.1 or 7.1 decoding, you will lose the .1 part if you don't have a dedicated sub. Any decent processor will allow you to route the .1 to the mains if you like, but that's their processing then, rather than specifically what is recorded. It likely would sound just fine - all I'm suggesting is that a sub is required by the 5.1 and 7.1 spec in their straight form.

I'd always use a matched center for HT. Certainly, unmatched is serviceable if budget prohibits, etc., but I wouldn't be any more inclined to accept an unmatched center for HT than I would be to use mis-matched L/R for stereo music.
Hi Jon,
The 5As are wonderful for stereo or home theater. I love my system and wouldn't trade it for the world. If you get a second pair of 5As you should use the VCC-5 Center and not the other center you have. There will be a vast difference. In any case, you'll love the system! BTW, you will need a separate .1 sub so try the V2W or a Velodyne Digital sub as they're both great (at different prices and for different reasons).
Good luck!
thanks Mikej,

If i get the Vandy 5A's for my HT i will probably get the VCC-5 and just keep my Revel Sub30's. Are the Vandy surrounds any good? if so, i can get rid of my Embraces too.

thanks again guys.
Hi Jon,

I used non-Vandersteen speakers prior to getting VSM Signatures and I can honestly say it was a significant improvement. Even the regular VSMs are quite good. I would encourage you to get an all Vandersteen system for a variety of reasons...all of which I think are obvious. So rather than bore you with the details (let me know if I should anyway) I'll leave it at that.

Happy New Year!
The VSM are the bset souround I have ever herd the speaker images so well in my room it blew away any dipole and is much clearer. I have 4 vsm sourounds, 5a, big center which is worm and wonderful the best part of the ht system and the sub. The sub is ok not as good as my velodyne, it just doesn't produce the bass pressure I am use to. Maybe it is to fast for movies.