Vandersteen 5A and high power amps

I'm thinking of mating my Vandersteen 5A speakers with high power amplification, such as the new Spectron amps in monobloc configuration, rated at well over 1000 watts per channel. Vandersteen recommends up to 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms, so obviously a lot of care would be called for. Does anyone have experience mating these speakers with ultrahigh power amplification? Was there a real sonic benefit in doing so? Any negative experiences?
What in the world would you want with high power amps for 5A's??. Surely you know that 5A's have 1000 watt amps built into each speaker for the lows....therefore, your amp will only be operating the mids and highs....easy to drive. I am using 200/200 and that is fine. You can use 1000 watts, but primarily in your concern is what the amp SOUNDS like... not how powerful it is. I heard Cary 35 watt tube amps drive 5A's and they sounded very good indeed.
Try the Aesthetix Atlas amp, its Hybrid and 200 or so watts plus it was made with inout from Richard V himself, the filters are built right in, its true balanced and zero feedback. My fathers arrives this week, he is upgrading to 5A but has the Wood Quatro right now, when I heard the 4A with the Atlas it really was a eye opening experience. At $8K it isnt cheap but I have heard much more expensive models that sounded sadly overpriced when compared to this model.
I have Been a Vandersteen dealer for over 20 years
Chads recommendation with the Aesthetix Atlas/Vandies is spot on
When you wish to take it to the next level experience the Atlas amp. They are also available in a 300/8ohm 600/4 ohm watt pc Mono black at 13k
It is a serious amp with frightening dynamics great clarity and has a neat stand system which means the amp sounds superb out of stand by.
The adjustable high pass is already inside, its a win/ win If your looking for you last amp this could be it
cheers Johnnyr
Thank you for these suggestions. I have noticed the Vandersteen 5As occasionally paired with some very large and powerful amps (ARC, Joule Electra, Spectron, Jeff Rowland) at audio shows. Perhaps this is just marketing. Of course the Vandersteen 5As don't need this kind of power to play loud, but maybe there are benefits in terms of dynamic range, headroom, ease of presentation. All of which would certainly be offset if the speakers were to be placed at risk.