Vandersteen 5A

I moved my 5A's here to Arizona from New Jersey about 6 months ago. I got my soundroom furnished with drapes, plants, etc, and had my local Vandy dealer come over to voice the speakers to my room. For those of you who don't know, these speakers have their own amp in each speaker that exclusively drives the woofer, ... the speaker is adjustable throughout the bass range with a number of pots on this 400 watt mono amp...the rest of the speaker is driven by my own (Ayre) amp. Anyway, after setting the left speaker to +/- 3 db in the room, he started voicing the right speaker only to discover that the amp was not working. In less than a minute, the amp was out of the speaker, and is now on its way to Vandersteen for a look-see. I was amazed that the amp wasn't working, since the sound is so good..depth, air, power, delicacy...singer suspended in space between the speakers in 3 dimensions...great. Now that I know the woofer is gone, I can hear that the very low information is not there on the right side...but no one suspects that there is a problem by listening. I'll post the results when the amp comes back.
I love these speakers, they are so detailed. I have to say that I am a Maggie guy and the Vandy 5a's and Klipschorns are the only other speakers I lust after. Maybe because they are all so different. The Klipsch is my fav for slam and impact (my fav by far for Rock music) and Jazz/vocals have never sounded better to me than on the Vandy's. Good luck, great speakers and great company in Vandersteen.
Richard Vandersteen provides great service and support to all of his products and is an example of an all American business. Every interaction I have had with him has been first class.
Easy to miss one subwoffer out.

I came back from vacation once and powered up all my stuff, let it warm up a while only to realize into my 3rd LP that the low bass was missing. I had forgot to plug in the subs on the 5As! I unplug them if gone for any time.

But that is why the 5A system works so well. Its a nearly full range speaker with a sub.

The mid bass woffer on the 5A is used as "the" woffer on many other speakers.

Yes...there are lots of lows coming forth. Accoutical bass even sounds "right" Now that I know the sub is missing, I can hear the powerful subsonic whack of a Telarc bass drum is anemic on that side
That's Richard's philosophy. His belief is that, for proper sub integration, you need to overlap by at least an octave and this is especially true with the first-order crossovers that he uses. So essentially you have a nearly full range speaker supplemented by the subs. Adding the subs takes some of the load off of the rest of the drivers allowing them to be more resolving in the midrange.
Got to be the best move a man can make,Jersey to the desert.I'll bet you dont care if that woofer stays gone till 09.Jerome,Sabino Canyon,Mt Lemon,the Gem Show in Tucson will be coming soon.Enjoy,Bob
I'm turned off by most every system I've heard that includes a subwoofer(s) -- I've got that extra bass and by God I'm going to use it! And this includes manufacturers and dealers at audio shows.

Some time ago I read advice suggesting with the proper subwoofer systems, you might not even realize they were in the system until they were turned off. So Stringreen, it appears your set up could not have been too far off. And that is a credit to Vandersteen's design as well.

Hope you get quick turnaround on the repair so you won't need to live with the (relatively) anemic bass too long. 8^)
I wish I could audition Vandersteen 5As. I've made a pact with myself not to buy new speakers until I've heard the 5As. Unfortunately no dealers in Massachusetts. :-(

I currently have Aerial Model 9s which have 4 bass woofers each (that's 8 woofers overloading my 14x26 soundproofed room). Last week I found myself hearing lots of detail and enjoying them until I realized that a (bi-wire) cable came loose and I wasn't getting bass from one side!
You can't be that far away from a Vandy premier dealer. If you are ever in the Albany area, you are welcome to hear mine. I won't sell them to you though.
Sounds like your Vandies are really singing at last, have fun listening to them! Have been considering the Quatros lately. And I've been to Scottsdale and surrounding areas three times in the last ten years, am seriously considering making the move from NJ to there(realy liked Anthem, which is north of Phoenix). Let me know how you like living in the the area, as it's much different living there than just spending 10 days on vacation there.--Mrmitch
Mrmitch..Other then marrying my wife, this is the best thing I've done recently. Becoming a full time Arizonian, you see how nice the people are, how well the local government "right" everything is. I know Anthem...if you can,also look into North Scottsdale/Cave Creek area. I saw Tom Cruise in his yellow Lambo in the supermarket recently. I saw someone as I was driving down Scottsdale Rd, who pulled up beside me in an Aston Martin. Entering the parking lot at a local restaurant for breakfast, I parked next to a red Farrari....kool
Sounds like you're rapidly making the transition to becoming a Zonie! We've loved the resort hotels when we've stayed in your neck of the woods like the Fairmont Princess, The Biltmore, and the Hyatt Gainey Ranch. Probably will be out in the spring to look around again. I enjoyed listening at a dealer to Vandy 3A Sigs as they were powered there by the same amplifier I have at home (Belles 350A), but definitely interested in the Quatro. I know some dont like Vandersteen as they complain about not enough detail or too much warmth, but since my components dont tend to the warm side, I dont foresee that as a problem. Good luck to you and your wife in your new life!--Mrmitch
Another really nice hotel is The Boulders. It is much more in the desert...great golf, horseback riding, shooting, etc. If you decide to come out here, let me know, we'll touch base...I want you to hear my system.
Thanks so much for you gracious invite. I'll let you know well in advance if we come out this spring. It would be a treat to hear your system!! I've seen the Boulders' site on the net, we almost went there the last time instead of the Biltmore so we might try there or the Phoenician this time around. Again, hoping you and your wife are having the time of your lives there in Arizona!--Mrmitch
I'm glad to hear you're considering 5As. As I've said before, I think your amp/pre-amp would be a great fit with them. Look up and see what Hardesty and Buettner have to say about this. They are a couple of reviewers you can actually trust.