Vandersteen 5A

Was just on the Vandersteen site, no longer lists 5As, only carbon version. I am a little surprised, probably should not be though. Am very pleased with my ~2 y/o 5As.
Still, whenever there is an upgrade, you get that itchy curiosity , right?
I am using 5As and really like them. When I heard the carbons, I couldn't hear much difference (accounting for the difference in amp, pre, etc.) If one is interested in Vandersteens at all, I would recommend a previously owned 5A setup if new ones aren't available.
Nobody with high end components runs this speaker.
If so, yawn...............
whut you got judy?
Roxy54, not so for me. At times I question why I spent as much as I did. Not that I don't love the sound, but still, $19K is a LOT to pay for a component, any component. I am finished with components, I am satisfied, very satisfied, with my system. Even has tone controls, a MUST in my view. Don't use them often, but when they are needed they are magic.

Why post things like this that aren't even the slightest bit true? A look in the Systems section will find many 5A setups with high end electronics.
Repeluso what system do you have which has tone controls? Just curious. I spent a lot of money and time getting the tone I wanted with components, tubes, cables. etc.
He means the controls on the speakers.
No, I meant tone controls. I bought a Luxman 509U integrated a year ago. For that exact reason (plus it has pre-out/main-in that is needed for the 5As). Mostly do not use the tone controls, but when they are needed they are a savior. I suspect I am not that "obsessed", so to speak, with the last detail, I just simply want to play the music I like in my own home, and hear the weight of music with some semblance of the weight I hear when I hear it live. Also have a Luxman D06 CD/SACD, and a TT, but use that very little lately.
Pardon my misunderstanding. It was my belief that there were adjustments on the Vandersteen 5.
Hi Roxy

No need for apology. There are bass level controls of a sort, set once and done.


The rear firing tweeter is adjustable, so its a kind of tone control.