Vandersteen 5 vs Green Mountain Continuum 3?

Curious to know if anyone else has made this comparison and, if so, what you thought?

It's interesting to me that Green Mountain and Vandersteen both subscribe to the same "time and phase coherent" design approach, yet do so in very different ways.

It's also interesting to me that both manufacturers tend to be pretty well respected - inasmuch as you seldom hear a bad word about their products or their designers. Clearly there's more to their products than fancy veneers and exotic drivers. There's credible science behind their designs.

I've heard both speakers, albeit at totally different times and in very different systems, and find them both to be world-class...and particularly excellent given their under $10K price point.

To me the Green Mountains are a little more airy and transparent (almost electrostatic) while the Vandersteens sound a little "heavier" and authoritative. Both are decidedly FULL RANGE with the edge going to Vandersteen in the bass department - definitely more options to integrate them with the room.

On the upper end, however, the C-3s seem to disappear better. Maybe it has to do with the minimal cabinet diffraction and the cast marble enclosure??

Overall, I'd say it's a tough call.
Wow, I have never heard of these speakers being compared. I have heard both and never been even a little impressed with the Green Mountain, whereas the Vandersteen 5's have always been at the top of my list with the Maggie 20's, Gershman Opera and Wilson's.

But since you are listening to them together,your impressions should be much better than just a subjective listen. I have never liked the look of the Green Mountains which probably taints my opinion.
The Vandersteens can be what you want them to be. You want open and airy - you got it. You want deep and authoritative - you got it.

I think that with all the control there is for the low end on these speakers, most set them up with too much bass. When that is dialed back to musical bass levels, the speakers open up and image and provide air like crazy.

They can be set up to be dark, bright, or right.
You might want to consider a pair of Cabasse Baltic's with a Thor sub-woofer in this price range. They also, are excellent speakers.

I have heard both ,the green mountains are true to the
signal certainly better balanced from top to bottom and instruments are more natural in tone and inflections .
And the speed is not at all lagging .the vandi is just a shade behind in absolute terms .The bottom end with the powered sub is more powerfull ,as far as controlled
irt would depend what is being used on the green mountain.
Not sure what Macdadtexas heard that was wrong with the Continuum 3's but boy did ever love them. Have you read the review? Suffice it to say they were enamored. Roy uses more math/physics in his products than any other designer I'm aware of. They are world class. Vandersteens are also a very good speaker. Listen to them both again....this time with good and not so good recordings. It's the junk you have in your record collection that will bring out the worst in speaker designs.
Good luck