Vandersteen 5 - Best amp and pre/pro under $3k ?


I have been reading the discussions here on Audiogon and am amazed at how knowledgable everyone is. This is my first thread and hopefully some of you can shed some light on this for me.

I am finally upgrading from my 2c's that I've had (and loved)for 23 years now, and getting a pair of 5's. I am stoked! However, I need some help choosing an amp and pre/pro that will do the 5's justice but not bust my budget. I split listening to 2 channel stereo and surround HT movies about 50/50.

I have been scouring the posts here for wisdom but realized starting my own thread might be easier. Any help you all can provide would be greatly appreciated!
Well, I think for that budget any combo you do pick, if it is going to do those fine speakers justice, it will have to be used, and even then it's a tall task. Sorry if this isn't a lot of help.
A used integrated like Pass INT-150 would maximize your value, though you may have to stretch a few hundred bucks.
I'd also suggest an integrated with at least 100 Watts. At this price level you'll get the most bang for your buck. Perhaps something like a Musical Fidelity integrated.
Emotiva XPA-1
These are mono block amps new for 2000 dollars.
There built like tanks and sound great.

For a straight preamp, the Emotiva the RSP-2 Preamp is the one.
Its made in China and thats why the cost is low. Its 700 new.
You can read the review on here of the Emotiva stereo amp and the RSP-2 Preamp

For the Mono block amps, here's 2 reviews.
Do you want to try tubes for pre-amp or amplification?
Thanks for the responses everyone. I will follow up. As to Rleff's question, can I run HT thru tubes? What are the pros and cons of tube? I've only used them in guitar amps, but I am open to it. Thanks
Do you already have a processor unit?
are you running a 5.1 system and looking for amplification for the main left and right speakers which would be the vandy 5's you just obtained?
I would look at Audio Research for a pre and Classe for power, I sent you a mail in reply to yours.
Yes its true that budget isnt really on par with the class of speaker you are looking at but with a AR tube pre like a model 16 used and say a Classe CA 150 or higher you are atleaat in the ball park, can also get most of your money back reselling those items as you step up into more worthy models over time. But dont be fooled into thinking you cant be thrilled on a budget by snobs, you can have a very pleasing performance at your budget but in time you will want to step up your game. Cheers
The Pass has no pre/main in/ out that the Vandy 5 needs for the line level x-over. Here are a few names to look at,
Pre/power combos:
Parasound halo

Just power amps with tube or tube like preamps:
Byston st3 st 4
Simaudio 4150se
krell kls 100

There are many combos that can work all I can say is that
you do not want too soft sounding matches , a little tube
preamp with a strong power amp can work well.

What ever you do you will hear it though the Vandy 5 you
also MUST tune the bass EQ with a meter and test tones or it
will sound like crap. good luck
What about a nice ARC VT100 with a Cary, CJ, or ARC PRE? The VT100 I have heard is a decent match with the 5s.