Vandersteen 3A vs new 2 Series ?

Hi, I am interested in trying a pair of Vandersteen's in my system. Used 3A and New 2 series are close in price, Has anyone had the chance to compare the two? I know the 3A's can be updated. My amp is 250 watts rms into 8 ohms. Thanks for your opinions.
I would go for the 2CESigs over the older 3A's myself. I've owned both the 3aSigs and the 2CESigs. In many ways I like the 2CESig better and I think it would be my choice in your situation.

They seem to be a little fleeter in the bass and also the size is quite a bit easier to live with. The 3aSig is a superior speaker with greater bass and a better quality treble but it does sometimes seem a bit slower. Vandersteen does update his drivers as time goes on so a newer version of a given model will sound better than an older one.

There is also the risk factor of buying used. Speakers are a little tougher to buy used because they are heavy and have a higher incidence of damage in shipping. Having them repaired can sometimes mean a trip back to the factory. If you do have them shipped, make sure they are insured and that each speaker is insured for the full amount. With Vandersteens the shipping cost does go pretty high. Also request that the buyer wrap them in plastic sheeting. May times people lose this sheeting which protects the speakers from rub marks.

If you get the serial number from the seller, give Vandersteen a call and find out the speakers history and it's upgrade costs. Some older versions of a speaker will be more expensive to upgrade than others.
Just the info I am looking for. Thanks for takeing the time to respond.
John 1's comments provide one view, so in disagreeing I mean no disrespect to him. First, let's dismiss the "space" issue: both the 2Ce and the 3A speakers have the same size "footprint". The only difference between the two speakers is that the 3A is about 8" taller -- otherwise, they are the same width and depth.

As regular readers of my posts know (perhaps ad nauseum), I have owned the 2Ci, 2Ce, 3A, and now the 3A Signature, and I have listened extensively to the 2Ce Signature, so I have a pretty good idea about the relative strengths of all of these Vandy models.

Given a personal choice between buying a new pair of 2Ce Signatures and a used pair of 3A's (assuming the used 3A's are relatively new and in good condition), I would advise you to buy the 3A's. I strongly believe they are a signficantly better speaker than the 2Ce Sig (more transparent, a bit more neutral, better mid-range, deeper and tighter bass, and better soundstaging), and they offer a cost-effective upgrade route to the 3A Signature.

If you are concerned about buying a pair of used 3A's (which weigh about 100 pounds each, and can be moderately expensive to ship any distance), try to find a local seller, or contact a Vandersteen dealer to see if they have any demo models or trade-in 3A's on consignment. Audio Connections (in New Jersey) often has used Vandies for sale (acquired as trade-ins), and John Rutan is the man to talk to.

Your current amplifier provides more than enough power to drive either set of speakers, assuming it is a "high current" design (i.e., has a large power supply).
Your amp sounds substantial at 250/ch @ 8 ohms but remember, the Vandies dip to below 4 ohms in the lower frequencies. However, their phase angle remains fairly benign which makes them pretty easy to drive.
As for the 3A vs the 2Ce Sig, the biggest difference I found was the 3A's ability to play louder in the bass. It also is as Sdcampbell says in comparison of the mids and highs. It's a more refined speaker. I do feel at the price 3A's have been selling for, it would be the best buy.
As Sdcampbell says above, the footprint is the same. The stand for the 3A is slightly larger but doesn't take up more room . It wouldn't cost that much more to ship them over the 2Ce Sig.