Vandersteen 3a sound anchor

I am the proud owner of a used pair of Vandies 3a signatures. I got them for an amazing price at 1000 dollars with music wave ultra xl cables. The only question I have is I have wood floors. The sound anchors that came with them made the speakers unstable on the flooring. I took them off but how am I supposed to use them? I did not see any directions on how to use them in the manual and there did seem any obvious way to set them up properly. A huge thanks for anyone that can help. BTW I would call my local dealer here in Utah, but I had planned on buying a pair of 2ce sigs from him and I feel rather embarrassed for backing out of the deal (I couldn't live with my self if I passed up this deal).
They shouldn't be unstable with the spikes. Are you using them? To protect your floor, simply rest each spike on a quarter.

The sound anchors are a big factor in your ability to set the 3A's up properly. There are instructions from Vandersteen for setting the proper angle of the speaker to correspond with the height of your ears at the listening position.
I have found some pictures and it seems that I am misssing the back spike on the sound anchor. I'l call vandersteen and order the parts
Less-likely you'll need to use back spike. Sound Anchors are designed to elevate Vandys front.
Marakanetz is partially correct, however, for proper isolation from the floor, and in cases where proper setup requires less tilt (they can even require a forward tilt at some listening distances and hieghts), you should use the third spike.
I called vandersteen and they said I have to call my local dealer. I guess I have to suck up my pride and give him a call. He was so FREAKING nice and helpfull I feel like a @## for not getting the speakers from him. I could not pass up a 6k speaker package for 1k and live with my self. Any dealers out there? How would you feel?
If you value your future relationship with him
tell him so and perhaps you can thank him with a small gesture like a bottle of wine or something for sharing his time.
Along with the Back Spikes and washer set you will need for proper tiltback
Make sure you also get 6 Vandersteen Soft shoes
under the Sound anchors stands they work way better than quarters.
Go to the hardware store and get some carriage bolts & nuts. Carriage bolts have a round head and will not damage the floor. For extra floor protection, add some felt to the bolt head.
Carver52 - I agree with John (audioconnection). Any dealer, especially a nice one, should understand that not everyone can afford to buy new retail. One thing I usually do before buying used on Audiogon is to check with local dealers, who take in plenty of stuff on trade-ins. If they have nothing that works for me, then I shop Audiogon and other classified sites. But your dealer should understand that you found a great deal, and that it leaves some money in your pocket for other potential purchases. You can also thank your dealer for his time with referrals. Just make sure your referrals mention that you recommended them to the dealer.
I really appreciate alll the responses. I'll contact my dealer and be sure to give him refferals and any future buisness I can give him. Thanks And I'm still loving the vandersrens
Apparently you didn't get the email I sent you a while back.I have extra oem cones from my 3A's ( I use after market Poly Crystal cones). I'd be willing to send you what you need free,just pay shipping.Why pay from dealers.Let me know if you're interested.