Vandersteen 3a signature vs Harbeth 30.2 anniversary

Title pretty much sums it up.
I am looking for informed opinions from members who have experience with both of these.
I have the 3a’s and recently heard the Harbeth and am looking for others feedback.
thank you.
@joey54 ,
I was there when Johnny hooked up the William Tell's, with Ctsooner.
For some reason, he couldn't hook up the Sub 3, but streamed Qobuz through an Aurender (I think), into a Ayre Codex, into a Belles Aria Integrated. I forget the original cables (Rocket 88?), but the difference was striking. Even without a sub, the VLR's sounded like a floorstander.
Johnny cued up Yello's 'Oh Yeah'. It was so engaging, that I still get shivers thinking about it.
don’t discount the carbon tweeter in the Treo, I live w both the 7’s and Treo and it’s amazing sonic value....
i have heard many excellent Harbeth setups, quite musical.
yes, you have fun work as you say to do...
Johnny R the best.
have fun...
also try the Vandy owners forum on the Vandy site, many there own other speakers as well....