Vandersteen 3a signature vs Harbeth 30.2 anniversary

Title pretty much sums it up.
I am looking for informed opinions from members who have experience with both of these.
I have the 3a’s and recently heard the Harbeth and am looking for others feedback.
thank you.
You may be better off with the M30.1, versus later models, should you remain interested in the smaller Harbeth monitors but seek the classic British midrange magic.  Spendor 2/3 or larger, along with corresponding Graham monitors and floor standers also might suit your interests.  Good luck and happy listening. 
All, responses have been great and helpful. Nice to have the information.Definitely have some listening to do based on suggestions.
The Harbeth importer is is southern NH so I can see some time there having a listen and will try to get back to JohnnyR to revisit the Treo’s and subbed 3’s.
The used Quatro was previously on my radar after last years Treo listen based on some of the same logic I’m sliding into with the Harbeths that a bigger step up will be more of a definite than something that is a bit lateral or logically the next step. I did lurk a bit looking for used Quatros last year but they seemed pretty scarce versus me being a bit surprised at looking for used Harbeths yesterday and finding several that seemed to be solid.
Work, the good kind, to do here. Should be a fun and interesting journey.
@joey54 ,
I was there when Johnny hooked up the William Tell's, with Ctsooner.
For some reason, he couldn't hook up the Sub 3, but streamed Qobuz through an Aurender (I think), into a Ayre Codex, into a Belles Aria Integrated. I forget the original cables (Rocket 88?), but the difference was striking. Even without a sub, the VLR's sounded like a floorstander.
Johnny cued up Yello's 'Oh Yeah'. It was so engaging, that I still get shivers thinking about it.
don’t discount the carbon tweeter in the Treo, I live w both the 7’s and Treo and it’s amazing sonic value....
i have heard many excellent Harbeth setups, quite musical.
yes, you have fun work as you say to do...
Johnny R the best.
have fun...
also try the Vandy owners forum on the Vandy site, many there own other speakers as well....