Vandersteen 3a signature vs Harbeth 30.2 anniversary

Title pretty much sums it up.
I am looking for informed opinions from members who have experience with both of these.
I have the 3a’s and recently heard the Harbeth and am looking for others feedback.
thank you.
great feedback/ viewpoint. Thank you- and thanks to others input as well.
I truly am happy with the 3a’s for most of my listening and I rarely get the “ looking for something “ itch but the genesis of this was spending an afternoon with JohnnyR last winter to listen to some TreoCT’s as I was thinking about them.
I liked them but ,and maybe it was just the day, i just didn’t get the amount of improvement I was imagining...? That being said I am pretty sure I could have loaded up a pair and easily enjoyed them.
JohnnyR took me over to the other building to show me the eucalyptus finish ( wow) and when there played me a few tunes on a set of Harbeth 30’s, not sure what version that he had on consignment.
I quite liked them, very classic box speaker sound that I instantly knew I could listen to all day and be pleased. To be truthful we only listened for a few songs so I have to balance that impression with the, in my experience, often initial impact of something being a bit different that gives it a touch of special.
That listen and the general Harbeth fanboy aura is what got me thinking about trying some.
Really just got back on this thought train yesterday and part of me has already figured that the move would be to the 40’s as that is a definite up versus a bit lateral as I currently quite like the 3a’s.
One of the issues I have, as most of us do in some level, is that I don’t have wads of cash to try something and then swap other components to get it optimized. I probably could commit to a used pair of last gen 40’s but wouldn’t be able to “ tune” them with switching other items.
I have a Benchmark amp so your input about SS being good for you with Harbeths is good to hear. Adding a sub is also on my potential, or bi- amping , both would be not scary moves into the unknown.
Next step is to try and hear some 40’s and perhaps 30’s.
jjss49 makes a good point about big box aesthetic... but I had some huge ads boxes at one point and survived... lol
thanks again for feedback.
I think the Harbeth's you heard were my SHL5+'s in eucalyptus that JohnnyR sold for me so I could buy the Treo CT's. As far as I know they are the only Harbeth's John has had on display in quite a while.

When you heard the Treo's did he have the Aesthetix Mimas or the Belles integrated amp powering them? I can tell you that the Mimas sounds dramatically better than the Belles though, at their price points, the Belles amps are hard to beat.

From what I can find the pricing on the Harbeth M40's is somewhere around $10K used though you might find some a bit cheaper. I might suggest that you look into the Vandersteen Quatro CT's as well. They can be found occasionally in the $10-$12K range like the M40's. IMHO they are the sweet spot in the Vandersteen line.
If you are working with Johnny, then you are in good hands already.
I didn't know he carried Harbeth. I'll go for a demo next time.

And, if you are open to adding a sub, then as @joey54 said, the Quatro's are probably the 'sweet spot'. I wonder if Johnny can add subs to the Treo's in the demo room? Those little VLR's with a Sub 3 really kick a** with the Belles Aria integrated and the William Tell cables. 
If you can find a used pair of 40.1 or 40.2 you should be all set.  The 40.1's wouldn't be all that expensive.  Don't forget either about the Spendor SP100 series--like the Harbeth 40's, there are differences between the different iterations.
John has a Sub3 hooked up to the Treo's now.