vandersteen 3a signature or thiel 2.4 or 2.3

i still have not been able to decide between these two speakers, can anybody who have experience with this two recomend.
my other equipment is classe cdp-3, cp-35, ca-300. acoustic zen silver (xlr), matrix II and hollogram cables.
music is mostly jazz and vocals.
thanks in advance.
Both are great speakers, being time and phase coherent. You own't be disappointed with either system. The 2.4 is much improved over the 2.3, however. My personal choice earlier this year came down between the CS6s and the 3a Sigs w/ Subs. Vandys are more laid back and Thiels are a bit more forward and dynamic (my personal preference; I bought the CS6s). But you really can't go wrong with either choice. It's really up to how you perceive your overall listening experience, for jazz and vocals the Vandys will be excellent. The 2.4 will also take up a smaller footprint if that makes a difference to you. Your Classe gear should drive both without problem, though the Thiels always like to have as much current as possible. Let us know what you decide.
The only way to find out is to audition both if you can. The Vandy will likely be slightly fuller in the bass, but that can be room dependant. For the Thiel, make sure you have enough power... Last, the Vandie will be upgradeable in the future. I'm not sure if that's a factor for you though.

Good luck!
Given your choice of music, it would seem the Vandersteens would be a better fit. But as noted above, you are choosing between two excellent, highly-evolved systems (developed over time by both designers)that a music lover would enjoy having. Neither choice would be a mistake - it is just personal preference. Auditiion for yourself. You are in the right ballpark. The Vandersteen is probably a better deal due to the cost of the beautiful woodwork of the Theils.
I would agree that the CS2.4 is a significant improvement over the 2.3, and that would be my recommendation. For jazz and vocals, they would be fine on their own, but for any program material with much low end involved, I would definitely recommend a subwoofer - or do what I did, and get a pair of CS3.6's.

Given what you are currently using the Vandersteens would be the more forgiving choice. The Thiels are excellent but quite demanding of everything else in the system, you'd be on a forced upgrade path where the Vandys will sound very good at all kinds of in-between stages.
With all due respect to the other posters I think your gear will do fine with the Thiels. I think the Thiels more immediate sound will come closer to replicating the sound where most live jazz is heard, i.e. jazz clubs. I think the Vandersteens are fussier with regard to placement. The Thiels fussier regarding associated equipment, especially amps. Again, I think your gear will do fine. The Thiels are a bit more forward and crisp, the Vandersteens more laid back and rich. The Thiels probably have less depth but more definition in the bass region and visa versa the Vandersteens. I find plucked bass better on the Thiels and bowed bass better on the Vandersteens. The Thiels have a more forward and extended top end, something that bothers some people, the Vandersteens a sweeter top end, that to some may lack that last degree of transparency. IMHO since your gear isn't an issue, it's just a matter of room and taste. Both are truly excellent products. If you are drwan to these you might also want to consider Dunlavy or Green Mountain. Good luck.
The more I think about it the more I think your gear might be better suited to Thiels than Vandersteens. You might want to also add Meadowlark to the list.