Vandersteen 3a sig vs. Paradigm studio 100

Do you think this would be a step forwards or backwards?
Step forwards but a small step.
Vandersteen is a much smoother performer, the Paradigm has it fans and is a great speaker but is no doubt an easier speaker to have problems with fatigue. With the 3A and the Vandy sub combo you have pretty much a Quatro wich is a speaker you could easily live with for the long haul.
I have Vandy 2Ces and used to own Paradigm 100s 1st version. The Vandersteen is a better speaker in many ways including the fact that it is time and phase correct. Plus it will extend lower with good amplification.
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Do we think it is a step forward or back? Well that depends on which one you currently own. And you don't even give a clue as to which that is.....

I have the vandy 3 sig.
If you like the Vandy sound it might be a risk to go to the hotter sound of Paradigm, as I said earlier you could find it a fatiguing speaker in comparison.
Chadnliz has it right on; I own the 100s and have come to like them but only after moving to a tube amp. With a SS amp their tweeter made me nuts. Very different sound than the warmer Vandersteens.