Vandersteen 3A,, Revel F30, or Magnepan 3.6

I'm thinking of upgrading from Vandersteen 2CEs, and have identified these three speakers as potential buys. I've heard the 3A's and thought they sounded good, but a little weak in the midrange when hearing female vocals. I did hear the Revel F50s which I loved, but they cost more than I want to spend, and the Magnepan 1.6s which sounded very transparent, but also a bit thin. My amp is the Bel Canto Evo 200.2 with 125 watts per channel and I have a tube CJ preamp. Any thoughts?
Those are 3 very different speakers. I am a huge magnepan fan(I am currently using the 3.6's), but your amp wouldn't due justice to the 3.6, if you have no desire to change your amp- save yourself some time/aggravation and remove the 3.6 from your list.
Get the Maggies and another amp.
Two (2) 200.2 Bel Canto EVO's monoblocked would do justice to the Maggies. They are insanely powerful monoblocked. They are relatively cheap as well.

I agree that the Maggies need juice. I heard the F-50s and thought that the mid range was poor sounding, but it was probably do to the system and set up, although I still think they should have sounded better. I would think that the Vandy 3As would have great mid range? The Maggies have a narrower sweet spot and will not do rock that well. Speaker selection should also be based on your musical tastes, room set up, equipment and your listening position. The Maggies will need to be out into the room maybe more than the other speakers IMHO.

Happy Listening.
Of the three speakers the Maggie 3.6 is clearly the best, but as everyone has pointed out they need power. If you can afford it Bi Amp them using your Bel Canto for the bass and a tube amp for the mid/highs.

I just did this with my Innersound ISIS and the sound is spectacular.

I can speak from personal experience only on two of the three speakers you mention above... If you are upgrading from 2Ces then the 3A Signatures are the way to go. Compared to 3As they are simply a MUCH better speaker all around. They differ from the Magnepans in that they have a different presentation, but that's preference. They're as good as 3.6s and better than 1.6s. Price would be the determining factor for me between 3as and 3A Signatures.

One reason to keep the Vandersteens is that they will be much more room friendly. Either way, though you will want more current from your amp for the Vandies or Maggies.

Don't make a decision without listening again with your amp/pre-amp combo!