Vandersteen 2wq x-over help

Hi. I have a Hovland Sapphire amp and I need to find out the correct values for the x-over. The output imp is 680kOhms. I tried emailing Mr Vandersteen a few weeks ago, but I haven't received an answer; very annoying considering I purchased his product.

So can anyone help please? Thanks.
The process is explained in the owners manual, you did get that with your subwoofer, didn't you? Check the web site for the manual if you didn't get one. If you want detailed help direct from Mr. Vandersteen you will have to call him, he's electronically challenged (i.e., older than the internet).
The DIP switch position chart is in manual, if you got it used with no manual just go to the website and download the manual, I just grabbed it so its there. You will need the values off the bottom of sub.
Are you looking for the cut off point for your main amp? The 2Wq comes with a variable crossover (WX-2) that goes between the amp and preamp with a selector switch. Once the desired sound is achieved the box is removed and replaced with a plug in resistor at the back of your amp. This relieves the main amp and speaker of low frequencies. Without the WX-2 your only other option is to try different resistors. These are high quality resistors with male and female RCA's.

I hope this helps.
Thanks all. I didn't get WX-2, but I did get a set of 50k resistors. I was aware of the trial and error aspect of choosing the right resistor value from having read various posts elsewhere, but I was hoping to hear from someone, who already tried it with the Sapphire, who could give me some advice.

Again, thanks to any and all that can help.
I guess I don't understand what you want. It sounds like you are trying to match a subwoofer crossover to your amplifier. Is this correct?
The dip switches are 1-8, and the ones noted below are in the ON position.
Start out by going with the 200 K setting but do not go lower I will try and see what would measure higher
when I get a chance
200KOhm : None
100KOhm : 4 8
50KOhm : 3 7
33KOhm : 3 4 7 8
20KOhm : 2 6
15KOhm : 2 3 4 6 7 8
10KOhm : 1 5
5KOhm : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Further thought is that with a nice Amp like you have
your best served with the Vandersteen 5 A High pass units.
they are available on audiogon in either RCA type or XLR
You can contact me if you have no Vandy dealer and I will coach you through.
Best Johnnyr
All OP wants is the proper starting value for FIXED crossover, folks. As he says
I didn't get WX-2, but I did get a set of 50k resistors.
Thanks for all the responses folks. I'm sorry if I make the occasional technical goof up.

Sambar: My speakers go down to 30 Hz (Fab Audio Model 1)

Rog: Yes. I'm trying to fit the subs into my current system, but I was looking for someone who perhaps had done this already with my model of amplifier and could give me some help.

Johnny : Your suggestion may end up being the best way to go.

Rrog- You bet. Owned a pair when I had 3Asigs. The Vandersteen x-over is actually a passive filter installed at the input of the main amplifier and the sub's amp is driven off the speaker outputs of the main amplifier. Different values of the resistor are appropriate for diff amplifier impedences, BUT the "suggested values: are based on Liked them very much, btw. The way I read his post is that he knows the diff btwn the fixed and variable x-overs and wanted a suggestion for the best values to try to match w the electrical characteristics of the amp he is using. At least that's the way I read his post and what I remember about the sub. 'Course I might be wrong.
The M5-HP sounds better than the X-2 if your willing to spend $500 used -$900 + new for a pair (do you have two subs?) I may be wrong but I think it's a personal room related preference for what works/sounds best in your system/room. My guess 75Hz or 100Hz but it really is what you prefer.
No, its absolutly Half Ass.
As Stated in the manual
Its a temporary assessment box to experience the optimum choice setting for your particular amp, and Vandersteen 2WQ.
Adjust for the best transistion acording to the input impedance of you amp.
Once you have experienced the best setting you simply contact your Vandersteen dealer for the premium grade X2
Fixed unit.
RCA at $120 the pair
XLR at 225 the pair
For even better performance
Variable Battery bias type High Pass units called
Vandersteen X5 RCA and X5 XLRs
are available at 895 and 995 the pair
Cheers JohnnyR