Vandersteen 2WQ set-up for Bi-wire?

I have Mono-Block amps setup via Bi-wire to Northcreek Rhythm speakers and want to know the proper way to hook-up my Vandersteen 2WQ Sub. Do you just hook it up to the amp speaker output terminals designated for the mid to low bass frequencies or do you have to hook it up to all four terminals on each amp? Can anyone help?


Just follow the link under the manufacturers section to the Vandersteen site, get the phone or email and ask them. They are very helpful and you probably will get a chance to talk to Richard Vandersteen himself.
Reveeb: You've got a difficult problem on your hands. On one hand you could wire the system with the full signal into the sub and then split the "non-sub" frequencies to your monoblocks. The problem here is that the signal to the upper frequencies now has to go through the sub cross-over which will likely add some noise to the system. The other possibility is to do as you suggested and just send the lower frequencies from an active cross-over to the sub and then to the lower amps. However, you are likely to get some phase distortion due to the added circuitry on the bass end. Swampwalker's suggestion is a good one, but I would still try both ways and let your ear be the judge.
Hi Guy:

I have two Vandersteen 2wq subs. You need your main speaker to have a slow rolloff at about 100hz. This is accomplished by using the crossover that comes with the 2wq. The crossover sits between your preamp and your amp...and effects the slow rolloff. You need to first adjust the variable crossover and find the input impedance setting that works with your amp. Then, you order the fixed crossover element from Vandersteen. The bi-wiring makes this quite complicated. It depends on the frequency range of the signals coming out of your monoblocks. Probably, the crossover before the amp will only affect the low frequency signal out of your amp. I'd probably hook the 2wq to this output from the amp. Interestingly, the Vandersteen Sub will read the rolloff created by the crossover...and then reconstruct the low signal and internally power it within the subwoofer.

I think the 2wq is an awesome sub. Enjoy it!! By the way...don't let anyone tell you that one is enough. Subs should be in stereo too!!!
One last thing....I would call Richard Vandersteen and discuss this with him directly. He's usually a little gruff...but is actually a very nice guy who is very helpful with these sorts of issues
Thanks to everyone for your responses, they have been very helpful. I think I've got this wiring thing figured out now.