Vandersteen 2w vs 2wq

Can anyone tell me the difference between the Vandersteen 2w and the 2wq? I know the 2wq is the latest model, but what changes did they make?
The most notable difference between the 2W and the 2Wq is that the 2Wq has a potentiometer that allows the user to adjust the "Q", or damping. The original 2W had a fixed "Q" of about 0.5, whereas the 2Wq has a "Q" range from 0.5 (very tight) to 1.2 (looser, and very full).

The adjustable "Q" of the 2Wq allows the user to match the damping of the subwoofer to the room and system characteristics, as well as make the low frequencies "fuller" for home theater applications.

The other difference between the 2W and the 2Wq, according to Richard Vandersteen, is the built-in amplifier. Vandersteen told me in a conversation that the 2Wq has a better quality amplifier, although he was not specific about why it was better.

Bear in mind that the 2W / 2Wq has been in manufacture for more than 20 years, so Vandersteen has a lot of experience with building this speaker. On a dollar-for-dollar, value-based criteria, the 2Wq is arguably the best all-around subwoofer on the market.
Go to the Vandersteen web sight ( You can find any information you require about the V2W and the 2Wq.
Thanks ya'll. I thought the q might be a reference to the adjustable Q but I wasn't sure. Thanks for the clarification, Sdcambell. And Bigtee, you're right. There's lots of info on the Vandy site.