Vandersteen 2W Sub Repurpose?

The amplifier on my vintage Vandersteen 2W is dead, sigh. Love the sub but can't justify the cost of replacing the amp on this old unit.  

(Stupid?) Question: Can anybody think of a good way to use the 2W as a passive subwoofer? I guess I was hoping to wring a little more life out of it by somehow bypassing the blown internal amplifier, using it as a stand alone sub. I realize it would never work exactly as RV intended, I'm just having a hard time placing it into the landfill. I guess I'm nostalgic about my old, ever aging gear.

Thank you!

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Thank was a stupid question.  : )
Thank you for the gentle replies! I can do a "core" exchange through Vandersteen direct. That would cost slightly more than a Behringer NX3000D amp. The Vandersteen 2W is, as everyone states, "long it the tooth"  Even Vandersteen commented to that.

So an external amp allows future flexibility with other passive subwoofers. But even that has become a difficult comparison for me. 

Behringer NX3000D has ostensible advantage of DSP 
1. RBH SA-500DSP (500W x 1Ch 4 ohms) - Subsonic Filter from 16Hz to 40Hz in increments of 1dB (16Hz, 17Hz, 18Hz, etc.).
2. Yamaha PX3 (500W x 2Ch 4 ohms ) - Subsonic Filter down to 20Hz.
3. Dayton SA1000 (1000W x 1Ch 4 ohms) - Subsonic Filter Fixed at 18Hz.
4. Klipsch RSA500  (300 watts continuous into 8 ohms or 500 watts continuous into 4 ohms)  LOW PASS CROSSOVER Continuously variable from 40-120Hz, designed for Klipsch subs.

With a gun to your head, which one? I'm sure I'm overthinking this...
Thanks again Genius Network!
@gdnrbob...Johnny Rutan...what an ACE!  God, I relish for the days when you could find competent people, that know how to banter and are 100% confident in their advice.  Thank you!  Would love to belly up on barstools with that dude!  For the record, I'm sending the plate amp in to Vandersteen.  Wow!