Vandersteen 2w sub hookup

I have read good things about the Vandersteen 2w (upgrading from a cheap Energy sub), and see that they are readily available on the used market here.

I am a little confused about integration of the external crossover.

Does it sit between the preamp and amp? or does it sit between speaker posts on the amp and the sub?

regards Colin
The external crossover sits between the amp and the preamp. The subwoofers is wired from the amp outputs, so essentially you have a biwire configuration. One to the speakers, one to the sub.
Thanks, Themasmilkman,

Now i need to confirm that my AV receiver can support this config. It has pre-outs, and 6-channel direct inputs, so i am pretty sure i can split the pre and amp sections.

Off to experiment...

Thanks again.

regards Colin
Go to the Vandersteen website, you'll learn a lot there.

There are diffent versions of the 2w sub. The older/better one doesn't use a xover configured as stated by the previous post. It sense's signal from the speaker outputs of the amp that is driving the main speakers. No, the speaker amp doesn't drive the sub, the sub only gets the sonic signature of the amp used to drive the mains.

The 2wq/2wv are configured as the previous poster stated, I beleive. But the original is a different/better sub for music only. It will probably work somewhat in an HT, but it was never designed for such. I never had a video system, other than a tv, when I owned the Vandersteen sub.