Vandersteen 2w low output levels

I know my gear is at the low end for this board, but I've been unable to get any direction anywhere else and hope someone here can help. I have a Vandersteen 2W and a pair of Monitor Audio MA700G/MK2 bookshelf speakers. For many years this set up worked quite well for me. Recently, the 2W developed a loud ground hum. I can eliminate that by grounding the speaker to the amp. However, the apparent volume level of the 2W seems to be about half of what it should be. In other words, at any given volume level,the Monitors seem to be much louder than the sub.

I have tried multiple amps, changed the cables, changed the electric circuit and sent the 2W electronics back to Vandersteen - he says the 2W is fine and I have a ground loop issue...

For many years this set up worked well, but it is sonically intolerable,now.

Can anyone suggest a possible solution? Absent that, any recommendations for a similar setup -- I like Vandersteen's approach of filtering the bass frequencies out of the bookshelf units.


The 2w is a great sub. If this happened w/o any system changes (physical rearranging or component change) I would bet its a failure in the amp or the crossover. You may want to call Vandersteen, remembering two things:
1. The 2w is between 13 and 26 years old and so a repair is not unexpected at that age.
2. Richard Vandersteen may take your call and he can be a bit ....shall I say...abrupt.
There is an amp upgrade for units in a certain serial # range, if you check their website. The good news is that you can most likely remove the amp and just send it back for repair if that's warranted.
Thanks. Abrupt is a good word. However, I did send the amp back for repairs and they say it's good. My problem is that nothing else has changed, but there is no question that the output levels have dropped.

I've tried two different sets of cross overs ( due to different input impedence in the amps I've tried)

Could the grounding the unit to eliminate the hum somehow reduce the output?

I liked
the set up since I couldn't get my better half to allow full size speakers in the room, this was a pretty good compromise.

Any other suggestions would help. I'll check the website re the amp upgrade.
Call me at 973 239 1799 and we will figure it out
Best Johnnyr
" Call me .....and we will figure it out
Best Johnnyr"

You're in good hands, Jaamo. Pls be sure to post your solution.
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Happy to report that my problem has been solved. I'm really grateful to Johnnyr at Audioconnection. The solution turned out to be grounding the amp chassis to my electrical ground. It seems simple, but it's taken 18 months to find someone able to troubleshoot the problem.

Johnny, can't thank you enough. The difference is night and time you visit you brother, I'd like to buy you dinner...Thanks again for you help.

Take care.
Johnny is a great guy... hey John call me on that project I asked you about a while back pal.
Glad to see you are grounded and thanks for your offer
For all of us hooking up the Vandersteen 2 series woofers
can be found in the owners manual.
Cheers Johnnyr