vandersteen 2sigs to magnepan .7 good move?

I am considering moving to a pair of .7 maggies or super mmg. maggies. is this a good move?  will I have bass equivalent to the vandersteens or will I need a subwoofer?

what else would I look at between 1-2 grand? used or new.

Room size ? System? I love maggies and have had many . The ticket is maggies with vandy subs. There are a set of 3.6 on the gon for like 2300 i think👆 there killer . But you havnt explained your setup so ...
Eminent Technology LFT-8b. There are a used pair in Washington state right now on U.S. Audiomart for $1800. Magnetic-Planar push-pull design inherently superior to Magnepan’s single-ended models. 180Hz to 10kHz from a single driver! Woofer below 180Hz, ribbon tweeter above 10kHz.
Vandys and Maggies seem to share a lot of similar sound qualities.
I remember hearing Maggies years ago and I still remember them positively.
I ended up with the Vandy 3a sigs and 2w subs.
In my opinion, you are going to need subs. 
Can you get a pair of Vandy 2w/2wq's? Or, if that is too much, a pair of Hsu subs. This will get you closer to bass reproduction, that the 2 sigs lack.
If you still have the 'itch', then you could get a pair of Maggies. The Vandersteen subs are a great match for them.
If you can afford it, you should listen to both and see which ones you prefer. But, I think you should first get a sub( or,preferably, a pair), as this will be the most cost efficient upgrade you can perform. Trust me, I've been there....

my room size is 13' x 16' I don't have alot of room. I get what i feel is sufficient bass with my vandersteens without a sub. I am looking for nice smooth sound without any harshness. i would not go any larger on the maggies than .7. there is no way i can listen to them before purchase.


What qualities do you prefer? I ask because I've owned the 2CE signatures, Maggie 12QR (pretty close to the .7) as well as the Maggie 1.6s. 
If image depth is an important factor, the Vandersteens win by a mile. Another plus for the Vandies is bass depth. While the Maggies, both models, present exceptionally clean bass, the 2CEs go deeper. I will say though, the Maggies go plenty low for most music. And that clear, clean bass is intoxicating.
For me, the 3 dimensional image form the Vandersteens wins. Best bet would be to get a pair of .7s from your dealer and demo them at home. Very important to hear them in your room. 
I still think you should add a sub. My room is about the same as yours and by adding the subs, everything sounds more real and integrated.

I've owned only Vandersteens, Revels and Magnepan.  Currently have Vandersteen 3.7s in large room.   Have heard .7s at the shows......
I believe you'll be very happy with the Magnepans, but you'll need a lot of current for them to sound their best.......
The .7's, like any dipole (including the ET LFT-8b), need to be a minimum of 5' from the wall behind them (because of the precedence effect), in your case the 13' one, the speakers firing down the 16' length of the room. Because of the figure-of-8 radiation pattern of dipoles (with a null to either side), the speakers can be very close to the side walls, with tweeters on the sides (inner) away from the walls. With a listening distance of 8', that leaves 3' between the lp and rear wall. Use dispersion behind the speakers, and absorption behind the lp.
 Can you list what your whole system is.
 What are all Room dimensions
 How far apart in inches from each speakers tweeter to tweeter?
 How far away in inches are you sitting from each speaker?
  is there an area rug on the floor etc?
  Best JohnnyR 
John Rutan is a Maggie and Vandersteen dealer, if anyone can help you he can.  He is well known in the audio community as a very knowledgeable down to earth person who loves music. I've visited his store twice and he's a heck of a nice guy, he'll steer you in the right direction.
+2.....JohnR.....he's kept me from chasing my tail many times.  Like others have mentioned, he is first and foremost a music lover.   He just mentioned a new integrated from Belles.  May have to contact him about that paired with some 1Cis!   He taught me that I didn't need to spend lots to get lots so to speak. Regards........
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+3 John R.  Bought My Desktop Maggie System from him......
Have a friend who bought 3.7s from him after hearing mine.....
I've not heard Belles with Maggies but according to John, they
are special....